Bloggy Updates, Revisited – 4/26

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Closing out April with a NEW interview in the Meet & Greet, NEW information about some upcoming events, and if you haven’t checked in recently, a NEW movie review.

So what’s going on with the new book?

Buried, an uncomfortable tale about a hoarder who lives next to a funeral home, is doing well. I’m past the halfway point (as far as revisions go). I would call this one suspense, much like Badfish, instead of outright horror (like Track 9).

I’m close to being 65% done if I had to put a number to it. I’m still eyeing 2019 as a “release time”, knowing full well that one revision will not cut it. When revising Track 9, I was still making serious changes to passages after revision #4.

Writing takes a long time. Writing, while working a full-time job, can take even longer. When I get closer to “being done” with this round of re-writes, I’ll be passing the manuscript on to a few select readers. My best guess as to when that will be happening is say…July. Yeah – let’s say July with a strong hint of August.

Other than that, I’ve been gearing up for the Duncan Manor Spring Open House (May 5 & 6). If you are interested, check the EVENTS page (or the last bloggy update). The house is incredible – that alone is worth the trip! Yes, I’ll have all 4 books there to sell and I believe I’ll be doing a reading or two sometime over the weekend as well.


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