Bloggy Update, revisited 5/11

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That’s pretty much the definition of this past week. My regular job at ISU tends to run fairly consistent throughout the semesters. However, when finals week comes around, everything kicks into high gear. I’m in charge of making sure everything gets back to the book stacks in the library.

Did I mention that we have about 1.6 million items in our building? Yes. Yes, we do. I’ve probably handled most of them over the course of my almost 27 years here. And of course the end of the semester means that everyone is bringing everything back in a mad flurry before graduation/going home for the summer. On average, we shelve about 1,000 books A DAY.

And if that sounds exhausting, add in that 4 out of my 5 student workers are graduating/leaving permanently after this week. So, I’ve been training a couple new folks to take their place.

Tired? A bit!

And that’s the reason for the day delay of this update (and the NEW interview that I just posted).

Life gets in the way of the things we want to do. Still, it’s been an exciting time – Duncan Manor Spring Open House was great. And soon, Cogs & Corsets: A Steampunk Happening will be taking place in Downtown Bloomington (June 1, 2, and 3.)

Check out the Events section in the coming days. I’ll be posting hard and heavy about that AND the Writing Workshop that begins at the end of June.

And as always, spread the word about this blog! ( Thanks!



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