Bloggy Updates, Revisited – 5/29

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What’s up with May? Why is it flying by?

Do you feel that this month is scuttling away before your eyes? That’s kind of how it feels to me. Since I work at a university, I look at my “time” in semesters or summer breaks/Christmas breaks. School ended and the students left earlier this month and all of a sudden, the rest of the month disappeared.

But as the days pass, lots of cool things are coming up.

This weekend is the big Cogs & Corsets: A Steampunk Happening here in Bloomington, Illinois. I, along with 4 other authors, will be doing readings on Saturday, June 2. Actually, Friday night from 5pm – 8pm, Saturday from 9pm to 5pm, and Sunday from 10am to 2pm, we will all be out there selling our wares.

The official schedule can be found Here.

If nothing else, come out to see me try and put a tent up over my table. Comic relief, I promise you.


And then, there’s Printers Row (#34!)

History of Printers Row Lit Fest

Printers Row Book Fair was founded in 1985 by the Near South Planning Board to attract visitors to the Printers Row neighborhood (once the city’s bookmaking hub). By 2002, it had grown to five city blocks, attracting more than 200 booksellers from across the country displaying new, used and antiquarian books, and featuring seven stages with more than 100 free literary programs.

As part of its ongoing commitment to the written word and its support of literacy and literary endeavor, the Chicago Tribune purchased the book fair in 2002 and renamed it the Printers Row Lit Fest. Today it is considered to be the largest free literary event in the Midwest – drawing more than 125,000 book lovers to the two-day showcase.

History of Printers Row Lit Fest
I will be there with all four books under the Chicago Writers Association table on Saturday, June 9 from 12:30pm to 3pm. Since there are so many of us, we take turns (slots of time) on both days. Stop by if you can!

And finally, there’s Buried, novel #3.

I am about 82% finished with the first round of revisions. It’s pretty exciting. I was really ramping up and doing well until about a week and a half ago. I was fighting a bit of a sinus issue and then left for vacation, so the writing came to a halt. However, it’s time to crank it back up and get it done. I am hoping to “finish” it by the end of June and then have a few “beta readers” take a look.

If you’re coming in blind to what Buried is all about, here’s the nutshell:

A hoarder who lives next to a funeral home finds solace in her “new collection”.


And a quick tidbit…

Track 9 (my second novel) scored a starred review in the May 14th issue of Publisher’s Weekly. I am both amazed and humbled.

Read It Here.





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