Bloggy Updates, Revisited 6/14

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Have you seen Hereditary?

If not, check out my review in the REVIEW section of the blog. I just saw it last night and am still kind of reeling from it. I’m going to need to see it again because there is just SO MUCH happening within every frame of that film. Wow. I’ve also posted a few other new movie reviews, so if you have a hankering, check those out as well.

And…(drumroll, please)…a NEW Meet and Greet has been posted. Please take a look. I post a new every Thursday (unless something weird happens like last week – where I wasn’t really home to do so).

I am ever closer to finishing Buried (my third novel). I have three more chapters to revise before I send it off to some beta-readers. After a quick look at the first draft of those final chapters, I can see that the writing/plot was rushed. As many a writer knows, once you see a “finish line”, typing as fast as you can to reach it is understandable. BUT, that’s where revisions and editing comes in. Now that I can take my time and really look at them, filling them out to the best of my ability is of course, the goal.

I’d also like to address a question that has come up recently. I was asked by someone:

“What’s in it for you? What do YOU get out of it?” (in regard to doing the Meet and Greet/author interviews)

My answer?

Nothing. I don’t get paid. I don’t get more book sales. I don’t profit off of anyone.

I offer the opportunity of the Meet & Greet to writers  who would like to have another interview under their belt. Or in some cases, do their FIRST interview. Or help publicize their new book. Or give someone a chance to answer some new questions that they haven’t been asked before.

The reasons are multiple, but the base is the same. ALL authors of ALL genres need a boost – in marketing, in publicizing their work, and in spreading the word (myself included). If someone happens to be interested in MY books and purchases them, that’s great. But if not – if they are just stopping by to read their friend’s interview, that’s cool too.

So…yeah. I do it for all of us. For more eyeballs. For boosting the writing signal, collectively.


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