Bloggy Updates, Revisited 6/21

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The first day of summer. I suppose it’s okay. I’m more of a fall person actually. The leaves, the coolness, the pumpkins… yeah, I’ll wait a few more months ’til I get excited about the change of season.

However, something that IS exciting right now is…a NEW interview over in the Meet & Greet. Please hop on over there and give it a look – and catch up if you’ve fallen behind!

I’ve also seen a few more movies, so I have my take on them. Hereditary is one, Baskin is another. Wow. Intense and mind-bending. If you have any desire for some boundary-pushing horror, make sure you get these two on your list.

I don’t have any special events coming up in the near future, but I do have a writing workshop that I’m teaching on Saturday, June 30th here in Normal. (If you want in, email me right away! –

Okay – short and to the point this week! Blame it on the heat…


closeup photo of white daisy flowers


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