Bloggy Updates, Revisited 8/9

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Do you know what’s cool? Finding out that your books are selling for 169 kroner in another country. (that’s probably around $12 – or should be. Otherwise, someone is making a killing – and it’s not me! :))

Well – there is SO MUCH NEW here on the blog. A few new movie reviews, a BRAND new interview (#76 for those who are counting) as of today, and other tidbits sprinkled around here and there. Feel free to poke around the site.

As for writing, I’m on a bit of a break now as the beta readers are doing their thing with Buried. Which is fine. After going through an entire manuscript three times in a row, NOT having to look at words on pages for hours at a time is a relief of sorts. However, I’ve been considering doing NaNo this year (National Novel Writing Month – November). I haven’t made any decisions, but I do have a nugget of an idea about another novel. At this point though, it’s so half-baked I haven’t even stirred the eggs in yet. But I think I have the lead character in mind. We’ll see. It’s still a long way off.

I DO, however, have a few events coming up. The Princeton Public Library has an author fair that I’ve been able to take part in over the past couple of years. It’s a nice, welcoming place that really puts the welcome mat out for all the authors. That’s coming up on September 22 (Saturday) from 10am to 2pm. I encourage everyone who can to make a side trip over there. I’ll post more about it in the Events Section as we get closer.

Also, I’ll be making an appearance at the Bloomington Public Library in November. They held their first local author event last year and it was great. Very well received. Again, I’ll be posting more information as I receive it in the Events Section, so make sure to check back.

As for life in general, school starts up again on August 20th – and when you work at a university, that means (in this case) 20,000 people will soon be descending on the town. It’s going to get crazy.  I’ve seen it happen for the past 27 years.

When can I retire??? 🙂





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