Bloggy Updates, Revisited 9/10

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You know what I like about fall? Things start to happen.

Summer is just hot. It’s draggy. It’s buggy. There’s a few points of excitement and interest, but overall, it just sort of labors on in an endless loop of mosquitoes, gnats, and multi- leggedy-creepiness.

But fall? Yeah. Leaves start to turn. Pumpkins arrive. Spooky things peep around corners. I like it when the temperature starts to drop (not TOO far, mind you, but enough for the sweatshirts to make their yearly appearance).

And things are most certainly happening.

In just a couple of weeks, Princeton Public Library will be hosting their annual author event. That’ll be on Saturday, September 22 from 10am to 2pm. Linky Here

The manuscript of Buried, novel #3, will be returning home from the Beta Readers by October 1. I’m anxious to see/read what their take is and will start revisions once again within that first week of the month.

On Thursday, October 25th, I, along with nightshop (Bloomington music venue), will be hosting a first-time ever event, Tales of Terror: Live! from 6pm – 9:30pm. It’s open to anyone 18 and over (if you want to bring younger folks, that’s probably fine, but there will be talk about serial killers, murders, ghosts, swearing, and that type of ‘speak’, so be forewarned). The entry fee is a mere $6 per person – (less than a drink in Chicago) for 3.5 hours of incredible entertainment! Here is the link to the Facebook Event: Event Info

It’s really going to be a great night. If you are remotely into Halloween, scary stories, ghost hunting, tall tales, good music, great food/drink, make plans to attend. Bloomington/Normal does NOT see this kind of line-up very often. Check out who is coming by on the event page. This is a program that is NOT to be missed. Seriously.

And of course, poke around THIS blog. I’ve added more content here and there – so by all means, hang out for a bit.

And please, SHARE this blog! Let’s get the word out! 🙂


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