Bloggy Updates 9/27

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Earlier this past week, I saw two groundhogs holding court in the side yard of our house. I know we had a “groundhog” problem (I’ve seen one digging near the shed out back), but I had no idea that it had brought friends.

So, I get out of my car and they scatter. One of them heads toward the neighbor’s backyard and the other one heads toward the shed (or so I thought). I step  quietly  around the garage, hoping to catch a glimpse of my fuzzy nemesis as he (she?) scuttles into the far reaches of the yard. I turn the corner and there, on the top step of the porch, less than 6 feet from me, is the largest groundhog I’ve ever seen. It’s body is HUGE and furry and it’s giving me the side-eye.

I stare at it. It stares at me. I take a step back and it scurries underneath the wooden deck.

I wonder if I should charge them rent.

Aside from adorable but unwelcome wildlife, I have posted not one but TWO new interviews today! Check them out in the Meet & Greet!

And over the next week and a half, I’ll be posting TWO interviews of my own from other author pages – so, keep an eyeball peeled to the Events/Promotions section!

And if you haven’t been bombarded by the news yet, I’ll be at Spirits of the Past at Duncan Manor on Saturday, October 13, Friday, October 19, and Saturday, October 20 (NOT on Friday, October 12) selling my books and doing readings! Plus, there’s a LOT of other groovy things going on during the event. Come out and have a great time!


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