Bloggy Updates 10/26

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The first 10 chapters of Buried have been revised!

Yes, I’ve actually had the opportunity to get back to the manuscript of novel #3. Now, it’s true, there are 43 chapters, but if you know anything about the way I write, you know that they are pretty short.

Like the others before it, after I go through THIS revision, I’ll set it aside for about a week and come back to do a “final” go through. When I do that, I’ll also be trying to find someone to format the whole thing (plus, someone to do the cover). As you might (or might not know), Create Space does NOT offer that service anymore. There’s a bunch of possible reasons, but the bottom line is that I (and a number of other folks out there) need to find someone else to do that part of the process.

Create Space, from what I understand, will still CREATE the book (as will Ingram Spark, another rival company that I’m looking into), but they will not do everything that comes before. In other words, when I send them (or another company) the manuscript, it better be PERFECT because THAT is what they will be printing.

It’s a little disconcertingĀ  – I’ve become accustomed to having C.S help me through all the technical stuff. Now, I’m on my own. But then again, that’s an issue that isn’t new. Being an indie writer pretty much means that you’re on your own for a LOT of this journey.

Last night was the BIG EVENT! Tales of Terror: Live! I’ve put up some photos over in the Events Section of the blog. Check ’em out! It was an amazing time and everyone who participated was incredible. Big shout out to every one!

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 27, I’ll be in Peoria at The Book Nook from 11am to 2pm. Here’s a link – Here!

If you can, come on out. This will be a first for me since I’ve never been there before.

And, of course, it’s time for me to ask…

If you have read ANY of my books, PLEASE write a review on Amazon/Goodreads/Anywhere else! It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be specific. It just has to be…

Thank you!


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