Bloggy Updates 12/12

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So, I get to work from 3am to 3:30pm tonight. Yep, you read that right. It’s gonna be a long one, but I will be making some extra money thanks to time and a half for some of those hours. It’s kind of the default of working at a university library during finals week. These things are bound to happen.

Because of that, I have posted a new interview TODAY rather than try and remember to do that tomorrow. So, scuttle on over to the Meet & Greet section and check it out.

Did I mention that Buried is done? It is. I re-wrote the entire last chapter because after reading it again, I didn’t like it. It felt too “cozy mystery” to me and that’s something that I will not abide! 🙂  Nope, the ending is…well…no spoilers…you’ll have to wait and read it for yourself.

I have another movie review that I put up just a day or so ago and will still be updating most of the sections throughout the holidays, so check back when you can.



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