Bloggy Updates 1/17

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“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

-Grateful Dead


This pretty much sums up the past few weeks. If you read the last bloggy update, you know we were in the middle of family trauma. On January 14th, it happened. Dean Edwards passed (Charlie’s dad) at 92 years old.

It wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t a shock. But, regardless how ready you think you are, it’s still a sad, incomprehensible nightmare to live through when a parent dies. Charlie (and his sister and brother) certainly have the heaviest emotional burden to carry, but having been through this myself (1984 with my dad and 2009 with my mom), I understand. Thank God we only have to go through it twice.


On happier notes, I JUST POSTED MEET & GREET INTERVIEW #100!!

Can you believe it? (I can’t!)

Wow! One hundred authors – every genre, every professional level, so many backgrounds, so many incredible stories! If you haven’t had the chance, take a stroll through the current interviews as well as the archives. It is truly a wonderful gathering of like-minded folks – all in the “business” of creating new tales, sharing real-life moments, and producing works which will withstand the test of time. Thank you for being a part of my corner of the internet. You are all shining examples of inspiration.

As for my own writing – yes – I am going through the Buried manuscript again. Not so much writing now, but making those minute corrections, changing a few word choices, trying to catch those wayward commas and punctuation that other eyes might have glossed over. I hope to have it “manuscript format ready” by the end of February. Keep an eyeball peeled as to the progress.

I’ll be posting another review of either a book or movie this weekend. So, if you’re interested, check back in a few days.

And, as always, SHARE the blog! Leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads/Any other social media if you’ve read my books. It means a LOT!


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