Bloggy Updates 2/5

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This is exciting.

There is a BRAND NEW SECTION up on the main page. It’s the interviews for WiHM (Women in Horror Month). If you aren’t sure what that’s all about, head on over to the main page, click on the WiHM tab and enjoy! Celebrating women, horror, suspense, and artists during the month of February. (this is the 10th year!)

There will also be a new Meet & Greet interview posted tomorrow, so, you’ve got lots of new things to read!

At this moment, I am 9 chapters away from being DONE with Buried. It’s getting close. Stay tuned for more on that.

Other than that, I’m trying to scare up some events for 2019. Got some leads, writing some emails, checking things out. Keep an eyeball peeled for specifics.

Okay – go forth and share the blog! Celebrate women writers! Enjoy the fact that the polar vortex is over.


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