Bloggy Update 4/22

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So, this happened…

Buy Buried Here!


It doesn’t look like it’s “on the normal  Amazon page yet”, but I think you should be able to purchase it from this link for the time being. You know how these things go – it’ll take a few days for all the bugs (ew) to shake out.

This is #3. I really can’t believe it. But as I was telling Charlie only last night, by the time a writer reads through the manuscript for what is probably the 17th time, you kind of get sick of it (almost) by that point. You get to the place where you’re just like “Finally! It’s done and out there!” 🙂

But, seriously, I stand behind this one (just as I do the others). I think this is a good quality read and I hope folks enjoy it. Buried, like all my others, is sold for $12. I’ll be working on getting it in Kindle format as well. Gotta do a little more packing for the move first!

This Sunday, April 28, I’ll be a J.Jill at The Shoppes at College Hills in Normal, Illinois. I’m still not completely sure how selling books in a clothing store will work, but I’m pretty excited. Another first for 2019! If you are local, stop by between Noon and 4pm! While I won’t have copies of Buried yet, I’ll have all my other books with me.

And the weekend after this one – Duncan Manor Derby Days! There is a slight chance that I will have copies of Buried by that time. Not sure – it depends how quickly I can order than and their turnaround time. (by Steampunk for sure! – second weekend in June)

Check the Events Sections for specifics.

And by all means, grab a copy of Buried! 🙂



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