Bloggy Update 5/6

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A whirlwind, I tell ya!

That’s what it’s felt like. In between packing (for the big move coming up) and working, I’ve attended a few author events over the past couple of weekends. There is still one more on the horizon (Steampunk), but I’ve got a few weeks before that happens. I posted the info in the Events Section, so feel free to bop on over and take a look!

Buried is out and currently has one review on Amazon. Please, please, please, for all that is good and right in the world, if you have read ANY of my books, swing over to Amazon and leave even a single sentence review. I can’t stress enough how much that means in the whole Amazon algorithm scheme of things. Thanks in advance!

We close on the “new” house in about 22 days. It feels like the list of things to do is endless, but in reality, it’s not so horrible. We will be gaining much needed space (even though it’s just the two of us, plus a couple of furballs!), a place to park BOTH cars, and be able to have an actual guest room. Positives all the way around. We will need to sell our current house, so if anyone out there is looking… 🙂

Okay, keep an eyeball peeled on the blog. New posts and new info about Steampunk is on the way!


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