Bloggy Updates 5/21

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Yes, it’s time. The focus of the blog is still writing, to be sure, but I’m adding segments of different arts and entertainment. Keep reading for details!

The Meet & Greet with authors continues to be strong and will be open to author of ALL genres and professional levels.

I’m still writing and have my books for sale (which you can find if you click on the link on the front page of the blog).

I also am updating the About Me (and the blog) section which has my most current “writer resume”.


1. The Flip Side – an area all about music. From reviews to blurbs about bands to upcoming shows – anything goes if it deals with music. If YOU are in a band or have any connection with music – email me to be a part of this new segment. (

2. Spotlight On… – an upcoming segment which will be featuring ANY and ALL of the arts. Podcasters, artists, screenwriters, etc – are welcome to chat about what they are doing and/or promote any shows they are currently working on. This segment in still in the works, but if you are an artist of any kind, please reach out to me. (

So, spread the word. Follow me. Send me an email. Lots happening and even more to come!



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