Bloggy Update 6/13

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welcome to our home print brown wooden wall decor



Four days.

That’s when it all happens – the move, the disconnecting of the home computer, the change of addresses. It feels like a big two month squeeze and at the end of it all, we’re  a  huge glob of toothpaste that will go sailing across town to the other side of Normal where we’ll fall into our new couch and sleep for the next 96 hours. Minty Fresh.

In other news, the newest Meet & Greet is up! Number 111 – Lesley Tither, all the way from across the pond (in France!) And The Spotlight and Flip Side sections ares up and running as well. Pop in and see who and what’s new!

Did you make it to Steampunk? Duncan Manor? No? Still want to pick up one of my books? You can. Swing on over to Purchase My Books Here on the front page (or, heck, I’ll make it easy for you)

Go to this link: and pick up one, two, or all five!

And yes, I must ask. If you have read any of them, I ask, nay, beg, that you leave a review on Goodreads/Amazon/ any other place.

Hope you are having the ultimate Groovy Summer. Check back often as the blog is always a happening place to be. 🙂




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