Bloggy Updates 6/26

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Well, it’s done.

We’ve moved.

After what felt like the longest Monday on record, we are out of the old house and into the new one. Boxes and repeated asking of “where’s XYZ?” or “have you seen the cat today?” have become our daily motto(s). It’s a temporary condition, as anyone who has ever moved can attest to, but it’s still exhausting and at times, frustrating.

Routines have fallen by the wayside; filled in by mindless roaming from room to room, wondering if there is time to unpack a box before “the next thing to do” crops up. Endless streams of people fixing this, updating that, and/or installing something else have kept us wearing “work clothes” well into the evenings, leaving little time to eat dinner, let alone relax.

Countless trips to Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and other stores have taken the place of hitting the gym or reading a book or magazine. The kitties have taken to disappearing at the sound of another doorbell or knock on the door, unsure and uncomfortable as to what is supposed to be “the new normal”.

This tumultuous time will of course pass. And the result (living in a newer, more spacious home) will become a wonderment and an incredible experience which I never thought I would have in my lifetime.

But for now, keep the lights off, shut the door quietly on your way out, and don’t wake me up until September.

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