Bloggy Update 7/24

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Well, we’re a month plus in. The new house is just starting to get a little more organized. Still trying to figure out what light switch goes to which light. Still learning what cabinet the Tupperware is in.

What I haven’t done (yet), is drive to the old house out of habit. Sure, I stop by now and again to check the mail and see if the lawn needs to be mowed (we are still trying to sell it), but I have yet to turn down Adelaide until I get to Morgan Street and pull up in the driveway. So, that’s progress.

On the book front, I’ve started to look for “events” and “happenings” where I can sell my wares. Came across the Wheaton Halloween Flea Market (the info is on my Events page!) on October 19 and it looks interesting. I’ve never done a “flea market” before, but hey, I had never done a clothing store either, so why not make this a year of firsts.

It’s still pretty early, but I’m hoping to do Nano again this November (National Novel Writing Month). It would be a good chance to get a first draft of something down, but I’m not committing to anything. Let’s get that house sold first.

I don’t think I’ve implored you lately to write a review (no matter how short) of any of my books if you have read them. Consider this a reminder. Consider it a house-warming gift. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! And check back soon! I’ll have a NEW FLIP SIDE and NEW SPOTLIGHT up before you know it.



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