Bloggy Update 9/1

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Let’s address the elephant in the room first.

The old house has not sold yet. I know, it’s been a little over two months now. I can’t say we are “worried”, but it has moved up to Def-Con 4 (Wargames reference for all you 80s folks). Our realtor is having an Open House today. Perhaps if we put all of our hopes and thoughts together on this one…

The new house is great. There’s still quite a bit to do as far as organizing and decorating. A few rooms still have boxes. Life routines are getting there, but still awkward at times. Both kitties continue to find new places to hide. A wayward sock still frightens Monkey. Noodle still freaks out when the fridge drops an ice cube onto the floor. But how wonderful it is to finally have space for clothes and linens. Charlie and I can actually use the bathroom (since there is more than 1) at the same time! The kitchen allows for appliances on the counter PLUS cooking space!  Yeah, it’s nice.

On the writing side of things – I have to admit – I’ve spent HOURS UPON HOURS searching for the right thing(s) on which to place my new logo. It appears that every online store has “issues” or potential problems with orders and quality. If you happen to know of any great ones, send me that info, okay? I think I am going to go with a local company here in Bloomington. I’ll keep you apprised.

And now that we’ve hit September, Nano is only 2 months away. I’d like to start thinking more seriously about the story and characters in the next book. No spoilers here, but I have been toying with the idea of bringing it back here to Bloomington/Normal (similar to Track 9). Not a certainty mind you, but considering.

Okay, I think that it for me on this Sunday morning. Poke around the blog – there’s a few new things to check out!

Thanks for reading!

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