Bloggy Update 9/18

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I can see Autumn from my calendar!

So why is it still in the 80s?

I’m more of a fall/winter kind of person. I prefer to be cold than hot and yes, if you know me personally, you’ll hear me whine about the heat. That’s why, when we do go on trips, we tend to head north – Wisconsin, Maine, Norway…

The house? Nope. Not sold yet. There’s been a few “leads”, so we’re still hoping something comes of it, but nothing solid to speak of. I don’t feel like I can really start “decorating” or doing anything in the way of personalizing the new house until the old one sells. My own weird mental barrier, to be sure, but I just can’t “commit” yet. Soon – let’s all hope.

As far as the fall goes, events are beginning to line up and that’s very exciting. I’ll be in Wheaton for the Haunted Flea Market on Saturday, October 19. The very NEXT weekend, I’ll be in Peoria for a brand new Author/Book Festival, and then, if that’s not enough, on November 2nd, I’ll be in Peoria AGAIN at the Peoria Public Library (North Branch, I believe). On November 3, the Bloomington Public Library right here in town will be holding their own Author Fair again -and yes, I’ll be there too.

So, I guess I better start ordering more books, huh? 😉  For more details on these events, scuttle over to the Events/ Promotion Section of the Blog where I post all the specifics on each happening.

Hey, have you guys seen Mad Men? I cannot get over what an amazing show it’s been. We’ve pretty much binged it over the past couple of weeks and are now in the last season. I love it. Your thoughts?

Have a Most Groovy Week!


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