Bloggy Update 3/14

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Well now. The world took a bit of a sharp left turn there, didn’t it?

I’m not going to ramble on about the Corona virus here because I am certain that you are getting your fill of information elsewhere. Having stated that, I WILL advise folks to hit up the CDC website, Johns Hopkins page, and/or the WHO (World Health Organization) for the best scientific news out there.

There are some NEW interviews (an author interview in the Meet & Greet) and another one in the Spotlight Section (actor/film maker), which I just posted today. Please check ’em out!

Had a very nice time at the Sugar 4 Spice Book Event a week ago in Bloomington. Great venue, great food, and a lot of mingling among authors and community folks. My next event is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 – Bishop Hill Author Event. Right now, everything is “a go”, but as we are learning, schedules in the near future may change. So, best to keep an eyeball peeled. I’ll let you know.

How are things on YOUR end? Our big day today consisted of trimming kitty claws, making a food run to a local store, and filling out the online 2020 Census. It’s also snowing here, but I am fortunate enough to look out the window and see a female cardinal chillin’ on a branch.

Okay, I won’t take up much of your time. Blogs and entertainment might feel a little “trite” at a time like this, but it also provides a bit of normalcy. So, please feel free to drop me a line, read the new stuff, and relax a bit when you can.


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