Bloggy Update 11/8

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Eleven chapters to go!

Rage, the manuscript is going well. I’m spending some serious time on it and I am happy to report that progress is being made. I just finished Chapter 27 (there are a total of 38 short ones), so yeah, I’m feeling good about it. The goal is to be done with this revision before the end of the year, and barring any(more) weirdness from 2020, I think it’s doable.

While we are talking about numbers, there are 71 more work days left for me at Milner Library. It was officially announced this week (retirements and departmental leavings usually are), so it makes it all that much more real.

Obviously, I’ve been rather attuned to the election. It’s been difficult to NOT watch the news or check the internet to see where things were headed. But since this blog welcomes ALL, regardless of who you voted (or didn’t vote) for, I’ll just leave it at that. Needless to say, it’s pulled everyone’s attention away from everything else.

We finished Season 3 of Fargo last night. Eh, I’d have to say, it was my least favorite season so far. We also watched Season 1 of The Sinner. That was pretty good – lots of twists and turns – and didn’t quite go where I initially thought it might. Other than that, I really haven’t watched much of anything since I’m focused on getting through my revisions. Since I’m not doing Nano this year, I guess editing is kind of taking the place of that. LOL.

Okay – pretty short and to the point today! Let me know what YOU’VE been watching (or reading). And, hey, it’s Manatee Awareness Month! 🙂

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