Bloggy Update 5/9/21

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Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate!

I have been busting it out! I have three chapters left in revision #7 and then…it’s off to layout! The cover is also being constructed as well. I’m pretty excited about a “cover reveal” when the time comes.

So, I got the 2nd shot (Moderna). Dang – that was a rough day after…LOL. I felt like I had been run over by a truck – every inch hurt and I was exhausted. But the next day, I actually did my three miles of cardio (okay, I walked a bit…) and I was tired and achy last night, but today? Totally normal. (Had the shot on Thursday morning). You’re mileage may vary, but if you are apprehensive about the side effects, they do go away. I’m living proof! 🙂

I was thinking about working on a few short stories after I finish with Rage and get it sent off. I haven’t done any recently, but it might be time. There are a few contests I’d like to enter (just ones I’ve seen here or there, nothing specific to mention, per se) and I’d like to have some new ones to send.

And….the podcast will soon be LIVE! I’m going to be a co-host of a NEW podcast called Ye Olde Terror Inn (YOTI). It’s going to be a revised take on the old radio shows like Suspense!, Lights Out, and Quiet, Please. My co-host, Carol M. Ford is a tech guru and knows all things podcast-y and behind the scenes. She’s also a writer, among many other things! (her interview can be found under her last name in the Meet & Greet archive section A-F) To begin with, we’ll be using a few of our own stories to get it off the ground and shake out any weirdness. But, pretty soon, we’ll be opening up the podcast for folks to submit their OWN stories.

Here is the official wording from the podcast’s website:

While many of the stories presented in the Ye Olde Terror Inn podcast will be written by us, we also encourage other writers to submit their stories for consideration for episode production. Writers will retain copyright to their original work(s) and will sign a permission form allowing their work(s) to be produced as part of the Ye Olde Terror Inn podcast.

There is no monetary payment for writers, but perhaps, some glory. Authors will be credited during the episode and will receive two brief promos, one at the beginning and again end of the story’s episode. This will allow authors to promote themselves and their works via our podcast.

Stories should be on the shorter side, ranging from 2,000-5,000 words, and should be in the horror, suspense/thriller, paranormal, or mystery genres. Dry humor and light romance (as part of the overall story) are permitted. All other genres will not be considered. Absolutely no political stories focusing on current events, satire or otherwise, will be accepted. All stories accepted for production will be subject to standard editing by the podcast’s producers for grammar, clarity, accuracy (e.g., historical references), and overall listener enjoyment. Revisions may be requested.

Stories submitted to the Ye Olde Terror Inn podcast will be used solely for the purposes of this podcast. We will not submit stories elsewhere for publication or production. Authors will retain the rights to their individual stories; however, Carol M Ford Productions, LLC, will own the podcast episodes. The Ye Olde Terror Inn podcast will be available for free to listeners.

Formalized author guidelines will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Okay, that’s wraps it for today. Thanks and a BIG HELLO to all the NEW followers! A big, juicy shout out to you! Hope you enjoy the blog, and by all means, spread the word. 🙂



    1. Thanks, Teri! It’s something new, for sure. We live in different states, so the whole thing is rather “worldly”. LOL! 🙂 (but exciting!)

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