Bloggy Update 7/26/21

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Fresh from the Bishop Hill Book Fair (on July 24), I can tell you that it was fantastic to be back IN PERSON at an actual event. It had been close to a year and a half since attending anything, let alone having the chance to hang out with other authors.

Speaking of Bishop Hill, it was a wonderful destination and a first for me. Never having been there, I had no idea what to expect. The Commons (the building) was delightful and artistic and the folks in charge (Brian, Tom, and Jannifer – the people I communicated with most) were certainly on their game. It was a great venue and everyone was so friendly. I certainly look forward to going next year.

(A quick reminder – I post all the details of the events I plan to attend in the Events/Promotions Section of the blog)

The next event for me will be Printers Row – Chicago! I’ll be under the Chicago Writers Association Tent on Saturday, September 11 from 3pm to 6pm, so if that’s closer to where you reside, do yourself a favor and go! Printers Row is a happening, in every sense of the word.

I do want to take a moment to mention Comments in the blog. As you may have gathered, I’m technically inept on so many levels! My main concern is getting the information and interviews out there for you as quickly and as organized as possible, but apparently, the comment sections don’t easily fall on each segment/page/interview. You CAN comment on the interviews in the Meet & Greet section – they just happen to be at the very bottom of the page. Over the next few months, I’ll be taking a look at what I can do (through technical support) to make commenting easier and more obvious. When I first set up the site, I was really working blind in regard to the whole behind-the-scenes thing. Rest assured, all the interviews that exist will still be available – that I can promise!!

Plus, a new Meet & Greet went up today (I’m posting those on Mondays now)! If you haven’t had the chance, please swing over there. And of course, if you’ve read Rage (my newest novel) or any of the others, please bop over to Amazon and/or Goodreads and leave a review. Even a sentence. Anything helps. Thank you!


  1. How exciting to attend events in person again! I was supposed to attend my first one at the end of August, but I’m going to have to cancel because of a conflict. I have another scheduled for November, so it will be a few more months for me.

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