Bloggy Update 1/2/22

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First time I’ve typed it. It looks promising, doesn’t it? Let’s hope. Let’s all hope, huh?

I’ve signed up for two events so far – one new one and one I did for the first time last year. I have my eyeball on a few others, but applications haven’t yet opened for those. As usual, if things (Covid/Omicron/What have you) happen, I’ll pull back and not go, but I’m looking ahead and trying to stay positive.

I have a BIG, JUICY ASK for you out there – I’m looking for authors/musicians/artists to interview for the blog! As you might know by now, I welcome ANY professional level, from the newbie author to the “I’ve been playing in a band for my livelihood since I was 18” folks. Please send them my way. Pass along my email to them ( and let them know that it’s all done by email. Thanks!

How was YOUR New Year’s? Did you do anything cool? Stay at home? Watch movies? Ours was quiet, but we did stay up ’til just before 3am watching Twilight Zone episodes and woke up around 12:30pm the next day. So, yeah, it was pretty perfect.

Well, I’m making this a short one. Just a quick “hello” and welcome to 2022.


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