Index of Meet & Greet Interviews (Authors)

This is a comprehensive list of all the authors I have interviewed (not included are the 4 most current ones on the main Meet & Greet Page). If you are looking for a particular genre, this guide should help narrow your search.

The genre categories have been taken directly from the author’s interview segment.


Name                         Genre of Works


Aldridge, Chris                                Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Non-Fiction Religious

Alexander, Reed                             Horror/Action

Altieri, Pete                                      Horror/Suspense

Altman, Martin                               Poetry

Andrews, Davia                              Poetry

Ankers, Karen                                 Poet/Playwright/Novelist

Ankrom, Reg                                   Biography, history, fiction




Bates, Steven                                 Poetry
Bavar, Amir                                     Action/Thriller/Rom-Com/Fantasy/ creative non-fiction
Bedore, Karen                                Romance/Historical/Renaissance
Behee, Lindsey                              Paranormal/Fiction
Belford, Barbara                           Middle Grade Fiction/Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Bellabone, Sophie                        Comedic Horror
Bennett, Olivia J.                           Young adult, new adult, contemporary, suspense/thriller
Bentil, Shelby                                 Fiction
Berner, David W.                           Memoir/Creative Nonfiction/Fiction
Bettis, Priscilla                              Horror
Bierschbach, Trever                     Speculative fiction focusing on Dystopia and Fantasy
Bingham, Dewhitt L.                    Non-Fiction
Black, Michael A.                          Mystery/ Thriller/Western/Sci-Fi/ Nonfiction
Blackwell, Felix                             Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
Boote, Justin                                  Horror, Dark Fiction
Borys, Debra R.                             Mystery/Suspense
Boyack, Craig                                 Speculative fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal
Bradstreet, Jason E.                    Paranormal Fiction/Bad poetry
Brakenhoff, Kelly                         Cozy Mystery and Children’s Picture Books
Brooks, Dr. Ian D.                         Self-Help, Coaching, Personal Development
Broquard, Vic                                Computer programming texts/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/YA
Burke, J.Lee                                    Suspense Thriller
Busboom, David                           Horror/Speculative Fiction
Butcher, Liz                                    Horror/Dark Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
Byars, Desiree                               Horror


Camalliere, Pat                            Mystery, historical, amateur sleuth
Carmack, Keith                             Comics/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Chadwick, Angel                           International Crime Mystery/Thriller/Multicultural/Romance/ Suspense/ Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci-fi, Poetry/Memoir
Clampitt, Cynthia                         Nonfiction:primarily food history and travel
Clark, Kay A.                                   YA/Adult/Pets-Cats
Clark, Tracy                                     Crime/PI Novel
Colbert, Sandra M.                       Short stories/Crime/Mystery
Consolino, Christina                    Women’s Fiction
Cortis, Bruno                                  Preventing heart Disease- Spirituality & Medicine
Cowan, Kristina                             Narrative Non-Fiction
Crook, Frederick H.                      Dystopian Sci-Fi/Paranormal-Historical



Daily, Pat                                          Science Fiction
Davidsaver, Mary R.                     Cozy Mysteries with regional interest
Dean, McKenna                              Paranormal Romance
Dembicki, Pauline G.                    Non-Fiction Law
Deppner, Megan                            Horror/supernatural/paranormal
Derosby, Alan                                 Horror/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
Disney, Neda                                  Literary Fiction/Magic Realism
Doyle, D.J.                                        Horror/Thriller
Drewe, Lane                                    Thriller/Mystery
Dunn, Rachael                                Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror
Dyer, Joshua                                    Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Western/ historical/General Fiction



Else, J. Lynn                                     Fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction
Esther, Olivia                                  Sci-Fi/Poetry



Fair, Kevin N.                                 Upper Middle Grade/YA
Farah, Andrew                              Biography
Ferro, Michael A.                          Literary Fiction
Fifield, Anne                                  Children’s Mysteries
Finney, Brian                                 Non-Fiction/Fiction
Flanagan, Jen                                Lighthearted mysteries, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense
Flewitt, Paul                                  Horror/Dark Fantasy
Flynn, Rebecca                             Urban/Paranormal fantasy
Ford, Carol M.                               Biography/Pets/Thriller/Mystery
Foster, Darlene                             Middle Grade Fiction
Franco Jr., Conrad                        Non-fiction (Business, Education)/Fiction (Poetry, Short Stories)
Francone, Vincent                        Creative Nonfiction/Poetry/Fiction/Meandering Essay
Frazier, Jan                                     Fantasy/Self-help/Historical Fiction/ Mystery, Fiction
Frazier, Marc                                 Poetry/Memoir/Flash Fiction/Fiction
Frazier, Sean R.                             Fantasy/Fantasy-Humor
Fredrick, John Andrew                Comic literary fiction/Film Criticism


Gadd, Jennifer L.                         YA paranormal/YA fantasy/YA science fiction/Picture books/Hi-lo books (high-interest, low-readability for reluctant & challenged readers)
Gadd, R.                                          Romance/Contemporary Romance
Garcia, Ricardo L.                         Science Fiction
Garner, James Finn                     Humor/Satire/Mystery
Gerrib, Chris                                  Science Fiction
Giannangelo, Stephen J.           True Crime, Serial Murder, Forensic Psychology
Girardi, Robert I.                          History/American History/American Civil War
Green, Hollye                               Children’s Fiction, Adult Supernatural Horror Fiction
Greene, Jenna                              YA fantasy and Children’s



Hall, Joan                                          Suspense/Romantic Suspense
Handshaw, Darran M.                  Science Fiction/Fantasy
Herman, Heidi                                Newly published novel women’s lit/chick lit, previous works in children’s and Icelandic folklore
Herres, John T.M.                           Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure/Children’s story
Higgins, Jeffrey James                 Thrillers, creative nonfiction, essays
Hildenbrand, Beth                         Dark Fantasy/Horror
Hogan, Fiona                                   Multi-genre – Gothic and contemporary horror/Humorous/Romance/Contemporary women’s fiction/Supernatural/Faerie/Ghost story
Hornung, Carol Shay                      LGBTQ Mystery
Howie, Rebecca                               YA/Mystery



Isley, Jalyn                                         Spirituality/Self-Help



Jacobs, James V. “Jim”                   Young Adult
James, Renee                                   Mystery/Thriller
Jarvis, Zeke                                       Fiction/Creative-Non Fiction
Johnson, L.B.                                    Memoir/YA/Coming-of-Age
Johnson, Toni                                   Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Steampunk/Horror
Johnston, Brian R.                           Non-Fiction
Jones, Rysheem                               Autobiography/Drama/Romance


Kang, Monica K.                              Non-Fiction/Business
Kelly, David M.                                Science Fiction
Keith, Emersyn                                YA Fantasy
Kester, Barry                                    Musical Theatre
Klefstad, Dan                                   Gothic horror/vampire
Kriete, Marilyn                                Memoir
Krizek, Mitzy                                    Paranormal Romance
Kuhn, Kevin A.                                 Speculative Fiction



LaFawn, Desiree                              Romance/Fantasy/PNR
Lawson, Jackie                                 YA/NA Fantasy and LQBTQIA+ Humor/General fiction/General fantasy
Lee, Patti                                           Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Leiser, Savy                                       Picture books/Contemporary young-adult/Contemporary new-adult/Music journalism
Levi                                                      Horror/Modern Fantasy
Lickel, Lisa J.                                     Romance/Suspense/Children’s cozy mystery/Literary
Lilly, Lisa M.                                      Fiction: Supernatural Thrillers, Occult, Suspense/Mystery/Nonfiction: Books On Writing Craft
Vicki Lipe                                          Children’s literature (specifically illustrated haiku poetry)
Little, Felicia Mack                        Historical Fiction / Horror
Ellen Jo Ljung                                  Memoir
Llewellyn, Claire Fluff                   Poetry: Fiction and Non-Fiction, Horror, Dark Humour
Lowe, Cary                                        Memoir
Lowrance, Carrie                            Poetry, Children’s and upcoming Clean & Wholesome Romance
Lutz, Tom                                          Noir/Thriller/Literary novel



MacGregor, Ken                             Primarily Dark, Speculative Fiction (Horror), but I write across the spectrum
Mack, Margie                                  Memoir
Malik, Terry John                            Crime/thriller/Mystery/Psychological thriller
Malotke, Brianna                           Mainly horror poetry. I’ve been delving into romance recently.
Marchand, Chris                             Non-fiction, history, education, and church ministry.
Marchand, Matthew                     Christian Poetry
Marchisello, Sharon                      Mystery/women’s fiction. I’ve also written a nonfiction personal finance book.
Marcus, Susan Bass                      Fantasy fiction/Speculative fiction/Contemporary fairy tales
Mars, Elizabeth                               Romance Murder Mystery
Mason, Ronald                                Poetry/Autobiography
Matthis, Bill                                     Fiction/LGBTQ fiction/ Historical fiction/Family saga with Psychological Mystery/LGBTQ plus disability fiction.
McCarthy, Regina E.                       Children’s
McDonald, J.E.                                  Paranormal Romance
McDonough, Sean                           Horror
McFarland, John S.                          Horror
McLean Jr., Eugene C.                          Horror
Mclean, Jo-Anne                              Supernatural Thriller / Urban Fantasy
McNamara, Francis                         Historical Mystery
McNeill, Amanda                             Dystopian/Mystery/Paranormal
Meara, Marcia                                  Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Paranormal Cross-Genres, and Things That Go Bump in the Night
Millhouse, Daniel                           I write multiple in multiple genres. I’ve been told to stick with one or use different pen names for different genres, but I write for the joy of it. I do it for me and hope that others enjoy the stories I tell.
Moore, Cait                                      Romance/YA
Moore, Michael J                            Horror/Thriller/Romance/YA
Moore, Patricia                               Children’s picture books/Poetry for adults
Morris, Pamela                               Horror/Erotica
Munter, Pam (Dr.)                          Fiction/Non-fiction



Nelson, Andrew G.                        Mystery/Suspense
Newquist, HP                                 Horror/Thriller/Strange Science
Noe, Victoria                                   Non-Fiction
Nola, Candace                                Horror/Dark Fantasy



Oakley, Kristin A.                          Mainstream/Contemporary Fiction/YA Dystopian
Oh, Miranda                                   Chick Lit
Orange, Carol                                 Mystery/Suspense
Osmund, Florence                        Literary Fiction



Peach, D. Wallace                       Fantasy with a smattering of Sci-Fi
Peirce, Michael                            War, Sci Fi, Zombie War, Military Romance, Horror
Peters, CM                                     Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, Erotica
Piron-Gelman, Diane                  Suspense/Historical Mystery
Polen, Teri                                      YA Horror & Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Powell, Christie Valentine        YA Fantasy
Powell, Marie                                Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy
Powelson, Jannifer                      Children’s Educational picture books and Adult Cozy Mysteries
Preston, M.J.                                  Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller/Mystery
Prochaska, Georgann                  Fiction-Mystery





Rae, Dina                                          Sci-Fi/Horror/Mystery/Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction
Ramacitti, Dave                             Crime, Mystery, Thriller (Police Procedural)
Raymond, Kristine                        Historical western romance, Erotic drama, Contemporary romance, Cozy mystery
Reinking, Anni                                Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Renz, Gregory Lee                         Upmarket Fiction
Rogers, Irene Ceder                      Non-Fiction
Rohwer, Jorn Jacob                        Essays. Portrays. Biographical conversations.
Rybicki, Richard                             Crime/Thriller/Mystery



Sayers, Stephen Paul                    Horror/Supernatural Thriller
Schafer, Otto                                   Contemporary Fantasy
Schiller, Ralph                                 Film History
Shepherd, Terry                              I write thrillers about awesome women detectives and mystery stories for kids.
Shewmaker, Brian G.                    Sci-Fi/Space Opera
Shipley, Danielle E.                       Mostly YA Fantasy that puts a new spin on old fairytales and folklore
Shults, Sylvia                                 Paranormal Non-Fiction/Horror/Romance
Sills, Kenny                                     Horror/Thriller/Suspense
Sins, C. G.                                         Fantasy Fiction
Smelker, Jerrod S.                         Fiction (horror, general)/Non-Fiction (crime prevention and personal safety)
Smith, Brian J.                                Horror and mystery fiction/Crime/Noir
Smith, Christopher                       Fiction/Poetry
Smith, G.E.                                       Dark/Horror Fiction
Smith, Jeffry                                   Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, and Middle School
Smith, Keith E.                               Action/Thriller
Smith, Laura                                   Middle Grade Fiction
Spock, Edward J.                           Horror
Spryszak, R.W.                               Irrealism/Gothic
Steele, Eli                                        Fantasy
Stevan, Diana                                Historical Fiction, Romantic Mystery, Women’s Fiction
Stielstra, Julie                                Fiction/some essays
Stout, Dan                                       Fantasy/Mystery
Swanberg, Roy                              Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction



Tearmann, O.E.                              Dystopian scifi queer romance
Terrinoni, Victoria                         Non-Fiction Memoir
Thomas, Richard                           Fantasy/ SF/Horror/Thrillers/ Transgressive/Magical realism/Neo-noir/Literary fiction
Tither, Lesley                                  Crime Fiction/Travel Memoirs/Children’s Fiction
Trinchet, Jorge                                Horror, Suspense, Mystery
Tritschler, VK                                  Romance
Turmel, Wayne                               Mostly Historical Fiction/Some short pieces of indeterminate genre





Vachon, PA                                        Paranormal Romance



Wagner, Mary T.                             Essay Collections/Chapter Books
Walsh, Brendan                              Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, YA, New Adult, LGBT, High Fantasy
Waymire, Zach                                Horror, Young Adult Horror, Children’s Horror
Webster, Amanda L.                     Young Adult/Rural Fantasy/Adult Fantasy/The occasional Instagram poem
Weiss, Frank                                    Thriller/Horror/Suspense
Weiss, Kelly Fumiko                      Science Fiction/Serial Fiction
Weisskopf, Robert                         Cookbook/Sci-Fi (space opera)
Wendt, Jamie                                   Poetry
Whales, Jay                                      Horror, but to paraphrase the late Richard Laymon “I don’t actually write horror, I write crime fiction.”
White, Barbara Claypole              Mainstream /Book club fiction /Women’s fiction /Upmarket commercial fiction / Literary fiction /Southern fiction
Wickenden, David                          Thrillers /YA Fantasy
Williams, MK                                    Sci-Fi Thriller/Contemporary Short Fiction/Contemporary Fiction
Wills, John M.                                  Varied
Winton, Rosalind                           Poetry
Wray, Stacy M.                                Contemporary Romance/Suspense




Young, Debbie                                 Cozy Mystery – Romantic Comedy



Zeiss, Joyce Burns                         Young Adult Historical Fiction
Zigler, Victoria                                Poetry / Children’s stories