Index of Meet & Greet Interviews (Authors)

This is a comprehensive list of all the authors I have interviewed. If you are looking for a particular genre, this guide should help narrow your search.

The genre categories have been taken directly from the author’s interview segment.


Name                         Genre of Works


Aldridge, Chris                                Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Non-Fiction Religious

Altieri, Pete                                      Horror/Suspense

Altman, Martin                               Poetry

Ankers, Karen                                 Poet/Playwright/Novelist


Bates, Steven                                 Poetry

Bavar, Amir                                     Action/Thriller/Rom-Com/Fantasy/ creative non-fiction

Bedore, Karen                                Romance/Historical/Renaissance

Behee, Lindsey                              Paranormal/Fiction

Belford, Barbara                           Middle Grade Fiction/Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Bellabone, Sophie                    Comedic Horror

Bentil, Shelby                                 Fiction

Berner, David W.                           Memoir/Creative Nonfiction/Fiction

Bierschbach, Trever                     Speculative fiction focusing on Dystopia and Fantasy

Bingham, Dewhitt L.                    Non-Fiction

Black, Michael A.                          Mystery/ Thriller/Western/Sci-Fi/ Nonfiction

Boote, Justin                                   Horror, Dark Fiction

Borys, Debra R.                             Mystery/Suspense

Boyack, Craig                                 Speculative fiction/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal

Bradstreet, Jason E.                    Paranormal Fiction/Bad poetry

Brooks, Dr. Ian D.                         Self-Help, Coaching, Personal Development

Broquard, Vic                                 Computer programming texts/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/YA

Burke, J.Lee                                    Suspense Thriller

Butcher, Liz                                    Horror/Dark Fantasy/Speculative Fiction

Byars, Desiree                               Horror



Camalliere, Pat                            Mystery, historical, amateur sleuth

Carmack, Keith                             Comics/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Chadwick, Angel                           International Crime Mystery/Thriller/Multicultural Romance/Suspense/ Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci-fi, Poetry/Memoir

Clampitt, Cynthia                         Nonfiction:primarily food history and travel

Clark, Kay A.                                   YA/Adult/Pets-Cats

Clark, Tracy                                    Crime/PI Novel

Colbert, Sandra M.                       Short stories/Crime/Mystery

Consolino, Christina                    Women’s Fiction

Cortis, Bruno                                  Preventing heart Disease- Spirituality & Medicine

Cowan, Kristina                             Narrative Non-Fiction

Crook, Frederick H.                      Dystopian Sci-Fi/Paranormal-Historical



Dean, McKenna                              Paranormal Romance

Dembicki, Pauline G.                    Non-Fiction Law

Derosby, Alan                                 Horror/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction

Disney, Neda                                    Literary Fiction/Magic Realism

Doyle, D.J.                                         Horror/Thriller

Drewe, Lane                                     Thriller/Mystery

Dunn, Rachael                                Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror

Dyer, Joshua                                    Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Western/ historical/General Fiction



Esther, Olivia                                  Sci-Fi/Poetry



Fair, Kevin N.                                 Upper Middle Grade/YA

Farah, Andrew                              Biography

Ferro, Michael A.                          Literary Fiction

Finney, Brian                                  Non-Fiction/Fiction

Flewitt, Paul                                  Horror/Dark Fantasy

Flynn, Rebecca                             Urban/Paranormal fantasy

Ford, Carol M.                                Biography/Pets/Thriller/Mystery

Franco Jr., Conrad                        Non-fiction (Business, Education)/Fiction (Poetry, Short Stories)

Francone, Vincent                        Creative Nonfiction/Poetry/Fiction/Meandering Essay

Frazier, Jan                                     Fantasy/Self-help/Historical Fiction/ Mystery, Fiction

Frazier, Marc                                 Poetry/Memoir/Flash Fiction/Fiction

Frazier, Sean R.                             Fantasy/Fantasy-Humor

Fredrick, John Andrew               Comic literary fiction/Film Criticism



Gadd, Jennifer L.                         YA paranormal/YA fantasy/YA science fiction/Picture books/Hi-lo books (high-interest, low-readability for reluctant & challenged readers)

Gadd, R.                                          Romance/Contemporary Romance

Garcia, Ricardo L.                         Science Fiction

Garner, James Finn                      Humor/Satire/Mystery

Gerrib, Chris                                  Science Fiction

Girardi, Robert I.                          History/American History/American Civil War



Hall, Joan                                          Suspense/Romantic Suspense

Handshaw, Darran M.                   Science Fiction/Fantasy

Herman, Heidi                                Newly published novel women’s lit/chick lit, previous works in children’s and Icelandic folklore

Herres, John T.M.                           Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure/Children’s story

Higgins, Jeffrey James                 Thrillers, creative nonfiction, essays

Hildenbrand, Beth                         Dark Fantasy/Horror

Hogan, Fiona                                   Multi-genre – Gothic and contemporary horror/Humorous/Romance/Contemporary women’s fiction/ Supernatural/Faerie/Ghost story

Hornung, Carol Shay                      LGBTQ Mystery

Howie, Rebecca                                YA/Mystery



Isley, Jalyn                                         Spirituality/Self-Help



Jacobs, James V. “Jim”                   Young Adult

James, Renee                                    Mystery/Thriller

Jarvis, Zeke                                       Fiction/Creative-Non Fiction

Johnson, L.B.                                    Memoir/YA/Coming-of-Age

Johnson, Toni                                   Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Steampunk/Horror

Johnston, Brian R.                           Non-Fiction

Jones, Rysheem                                Autobiography/Drama/Romance



Kang, Monica K.                              Non-Fiction/Business

Klefstad, Dan                                   Gothic horror/vampire

Kriete, Marilyn                                Memoir

Krizek, Mitzy                                    Paranormal Romance

Kuhn, Kevin A.                                 Speculative Fiction



LaFawn, Desiree                              Romance/Fantasy/PNR

Lawson, Jackie                                  YA/NA Fantasy and LQBTQIA+ Humor/General fiction/General fantasy

Leiser, Savy                                       Picture books/Contemporary young-adult/Contemporary new-adult/Music journalism

Levi                                                      Horror/Modern Fantasy

Lickel, Lisa J.                                     Romance/Suspense/Children’s cozy mystery/Literary

Lilly, Lisa M.                                      Fiction: Supernatural Thrillers, Occult, Suspense/Mystery/Nonfiction: Books On Writing Craft

Vicki Lipe                                          Children’s literature (specifically illustrated haiku poetry)

Llewellyn, Claire Fluff                   Poetry: Fiction and Non-Fiction, Horror, Dark Humour

Lowe, Cary                                        Memoir

Lowrance, Carrie                            Poetry, Children’s and upcoming Clean & Wholesome Romance

Lutz, Tom                                      Noir/Thriller/Literary novel



MacGregor, Ken                             Primarily Dark, Speculative Fiction (Horror), but I write across the spectrum

Mack, Margie                                  Memoir

Malik, Terry John                           Crime/thriller/Mystery/Psychological thriller

Marchand, Chris                             Non-fiction, history, education, and church ministry.

Marchand, Matthew                      Christian Poetry

Marcus, Susan Bass                       Fantasy fiction/Speculative fiction/Contemporary fairy tales

Mars, Elizabeth                               Romance Murder Mystery

Mason, Ronald                                 Poetry/Autobiography

Matthis, Bill                                     Fiction/LGBTQ fiction/ Historical fiction/Family saga with Psychological Mystery/LGBTQ plus disability fiction.

McCarthy, Regina E.                       Children’s

McDonald, J.E.                                  Paranormal Romance

McDonough, Sean                           Horror

McNamara, Francis                       Historical Mystery

McNeill, Amanda                           Dystopian/Mystery/Paranormal

Meara, Marcia                                 Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Paranormal Cross-Genres, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Millhouse, Daniel                      I write multiple in multiple genres. I’ve been told to stick with one or use different pen names for different genres, but I write for the joy of it. I do it for me and hope that others enjoy the stories I tell.

Moore, Cait                                      Romance/YA

Moore, Michael J                            Horror/Thriller/Romance/YA

Moore, Patricia                              Children’s picture books/Poetry for adults

Morris, Pamela                               Horror/Erotica

Munter, Pam (Dr.)                          Fiction/Non-fiction


Nelson, Andrew G.                        Mystery/Suspense

Newquist, HP                                 Horror/Thriller/Strange Science

Noe, Victoria                                   Non-Fiction

Nola, Candace                                Horror/Dark Fantasy



Oakley, Kristin A.                          Mainstream/Contemporary Fiction/YA Dystopian

Orange, Carol                                 Mystery/Suspense

Osmund, Florence                        Literary Fiction



Peirce, Michael                              War, Sci Fi, Zombie War, Military Romance, Horror

Piron-Gelman, Diane                   Suspense/Historical Mystery

Polen, Teri                                       YA Horror & Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Powell, Christie Valentine          YA Fantasy

Powell, Marie                                 Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy

Preston, M.J.                                    Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller/Mystery

Prochaska, Georgann                   Fiction-Mystery




Rae, Dina                                          Sci-Fi/Horror/Mystery/Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction

Raymond, Kristine                        Historical western romance, Erotic drama, Contemporary romance, Cozy mystery

Renz, Gregory Lee                         Upmarket Fiction

Rogers, Irene Ceder                      Non-Fiction

Rohwer, Jorn Jacob                       Essays. Portrays. Biographical conversations.

Rybicki, Richard                            Crime/Thriller/Mystery


Sayers, Stephen Paul                    Horror/Supernatural Thriller

Schafer, Otto                                   Contemporary Fantasy

Schiller, Ralph                                Film History

Shepherd, Terry                             I write thrillers about awesome women detectives and mystery stories for kids.

Shewmaker, Brian G.                   Sci-Fi/Space Opera

Shipley, Danielle E.                       Mostly YA Fantasy that puts a new spin on old fairytales and folklore

Shults, Sylvia                                  Paranormal Non-Fiction/Horror/Romance

Sins, C. G.                                          Fantasy Fiction

Smelker, Jerrod S.                        Fiction (horror, general)/Non-Fiction (crime prevention and personal safety)

Smith, Brian J.                               Horror and mystery fiction/Crime/Noir

Smith, Christopher                      Fiction/Poetry

Smith, G.E.                                      Dark/Horror Fiction

Smith, Jeffry                                   Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, and Middle School

Smith, Keith E.                               Action/Thriller

Smith, Laura                                   Middle Grade Fiction

Spryszak, R.W.                                Irrealism/Gothic

Steele, Eli                                         Fantasy

Stielstra, Julie                                 Fiction/some essays

Stout, Dan                                        Fantasy/Mystery

Swanberg, Roy                                Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction


Tearmann, O.E.                              Dystopian scifi queer romance

Thomas, Richard                           Fantasy/ SF/Horror/Thrillers/ Transgressive/Magical realism/Neo-noir/Literary fiction

Tither, Lesley                                  Crime Fiction/Travel Memoirs/Children’s Fiction

Tritschler, VK                                  Romance

Turmel, Wayne                               Mostly Historical Fiction/Some short pieces of indeterminate genre





Vachon, PA                                        Paranormal Romance


Wagner, Mary T.                             Essay Collections/Chapter Books

Walsh, Brendan                              Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, YA, New Adult, LGBT, High Fantasy

Waymire, Zach                               Horror, Young Adult Horror, Children’s Horror

Webster, Amanda L.                     Young Adult/Rural Fantasy/Adult Fantasy/The occasional Instagram poem

Weiss, Kelly Fumiko                      Science Fiction/Serial Fiction

Weisskopf, Robert                         Cookbook/Sci-Fi (space opera)

Wendt, Jamie                                   Poetry

White, Barbara Claypole             Mainstream /Book club fiction /Women’s fiction /Upmarket commercial fiction / Literary fiction /Southern fiction

Wickenden, David                         Thrillers /YA Fantasy

Williams, MK                                   Sci-Fi Thriller/Contemporary Short Fiction/Contemporary Fiction

Wills, John M.                                  Varied

Wray, Stacy M.                                Contemporary Romance/Suspense




Young, Debbie                                 Cozy Mystery – Romantic Comedy



Zeiss, Joyce Burns                         Young Adult Historical Fiction

Zigler, Victoria                                Poetry / Children’s stories