Updates From Past Meet & Greet Authors 3/7/21

Writers are a prolific group! In this new segment, you will find UPDATED information from authors who have previously appeared on the Meet & Greet. They would like to share new, current, and/or modified information.

Any authors who would like to “update” their information/re-do their interview/post about their NEW work – please contact me at srovens@yahoo.com (and put UPDATE in the subject line). THANKS!

I will post their new information for a while (time frame to be determined), and then attach it to their initial Meet & Greet Interview (by last name) with the date.

Updates from Beth Hildenbrand (3/7/21)

Name- Beth Hildenbrand 

Genre- Horror/Dark Fantasy and Poetry 

Titles- Cain Heretic Son 2019

The Path of Temptation 2021


Beth lives in Ephrata,Pennsylvania with her family. She is the mother of five sons. She has four grandchildren.  Beth enjoys concerts, heavy metal music, and reading books by her fellow Indie Authors.

Why do you write in the Genre you do?

I’m a dark soul. I’ve loved classic horror and fantasy since I was a little girl in pig tales. My first comic book was Vampires. My favorite movies were anything with Vincent Price.

How has writing altered your life? 

It’s made me realize I can accomplish anything. It has brought me a wonderful extended family in the Indie community.  I have even started a group for women. The Phoenix Sisterhood.  It is amazing. Women reaching out to each other and raising their Sisters up. It’s very interactive. Women bonding and forming friendships.

Who are your favorite Authors, why?

Right now I’m only reading Indie Authors. I love stories.  Indie Authors are amazing storytellers.  Terry McRae, JA Stone, Marcee Corn…I could go on and on.

Do you believe audiobooks are the way of the future, more of a passing fad? 

Personally I love a book in my hand. I have a Kindle and I read ebooks. I’m all for any form of reading. With today’s busy world I can see why alot of people are turning to ebooks.

What is your opinion of mainstream/corporate bookstores?

Anything that gets a book in someone’s hand. I know alot of people would argue with me. I would love to see them start carrying Indie Authors. Readers who buy mainstream are missing out on alot of talented writers.

What have you found to be a good marketing tool? A bad one.

Social media seems to be the way to go. There are so many platforms and you can reach a multitude of people. So far I haven’t found a bad one.

Do you believe writing should be censored-that some topics should be taboo?

Absolutely not! Everyone should be allowed to create. I want to know what other writers think and feel. No one should be silenced. If I dont care for their work I still applaud their vision.

Where can people find your work? 

My new book of poetry is available on Amazon. My novel Cain Heretic Son will soon be re released by Rushmore and available in stores and online.I do have a website on wordpress, Beth’s Heretic Pages.

On Facebook Beth Hildenbrand. Amazon link below.