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The wheels are beginning to turn.

We have the french horn! ISU is scheduled to open/begin on August 17. I’m a few weeks away from starting revision #3 of Rage (novel #4).

Now that we’ve caught up with the basics, let’s look at Rage a little more closely. This book is suspense. It’s not a who-done-it. It’s not a mystery. It probably doesn’t quite fit neatly into the horror genre. It could, however, be seen as a psychological thriller.

Why does all that matter? Because, like so many websites which expound on “finding your audience”, it’s important to know where you’re writing lies – what boundaries can a potential reader expect. The last thing I personally want from a horror book I’ve picked up is to find out it’s actually a “horror/comedy” or something more akin to a “sci-fi” or “fantasy”.

While I have never written “TO or FOR” a specific audience, I do think it’s important to understand WHERE my story fits. Sure, there’s always crossover – probably most novels can be categorized into a few genres (or sub-genres). BUT – when someone is standing in front of me at a book/author event and they say they only read historical fiction or refuse to read anything with sex or horror themes, I know to steer them away from my writing. I don’t want to mislead anyone, although I might ask if they know of someone who does enjoy the types of books I write.

I also know that some folks WOULD like my work, even though they believe that my writing (which I once classified as horror) might be too scary. My short stories are indeed horror – similar to the Twilight Zone / Night Gallery. But the novels? Suspense and/or thriller. Most definitely.

And that’s where Rage comes in. It’s a little more like “Track 9” as opposed to Buried or Badfish, but it fits snugly in the world of suspense. And I’m okay with that.



  1. Well, I’m a fan of everything you mentioned, but you’re right about steering readers in another direction if they don’t like what you’ve written. I’ve done that also when they say they’re not sci-fi readers, even if it’s light sci-fi.

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