Bloggy Update 1/15/21

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Twenty-six chapters in and twelve to go.

My upcoming novel, Rage, is going through revision pains. Currently, I’m waist deep in corrections, re-writing, and catching all the mistakes that sneak into the dialogue and paragraphs, trying their best to remain unnoticed. I’m still holding out hope that I will be finished with this round before the end of January, because I would really like to send the story out to the beta readers. I’m pretty excited about how the story itself is coming together. As I’ve stated before, Rage is similar to Track 9 in the sense of leaning dark and serious. Badfish and Buried were “dark” in their own way, but the tone and bits of humor brought everything up a level. Rage is intense and serious because it needs to be. I’m hoping you’ll like it.

I want to give a big “shout out” to Teri Polen! She’s sent some wonderful writing folks my way recently – so be on the lookout for new Meet & Greets (author interviews)! Also, welcome to more Chicago Writer Association members who are taking part in the author interviews as well.

Which brings me to something new! I’m sending out “new interview alerts” every time I post a new Meet & Greet, Spotlight (artist interviews), or Flip Side (musician interviews). It’s a thing I’m trying out this year. I want to keep folks updated on the latest happenings around here (without inundating people’s email boxes). Also, after I retire (you know I have to mention it at least once per update, right? LOL! 30 work days!), I’ll be taking some time to go through ALL the interviews to format them a little better. WordPress started this “new editor” thing and I’ve just not have the time to really sit down and figure it out. So, that will be happening through the spring/summer months.

This Monday, I’m meeting with the owner of a local bookstore here in Bloomington (Illinois). She allows local authors to place their books in her shop under a consignment agreement, and she’s letting me put three (of my five) books in! Pretty cool, considering there isn’t much opportunity for something like this around here (Bloomington-Normal). I’ll take a few pictures and post them (if I can figure out the editor. LOL) soon. The store is Bobzbay ( for any folks interested.

We watched a terrible movie last night. Centigrade (2020). Ug. It’s NOT a true story (loosely based on similar situations of people getting stuck in blizzards), as it claims, and the characters are pretty hate-worthy. It’s a long, slow, slog of a film with little backstory and even less common sense. Watch it at your own peril! 🙂

Okay, that’s plenty for now. Please continue to spread the word about the blog. More eyes on this helps us all. Thanks.


  1. Did I read that right? You have 30 work days to retirement?!?!? I am SO JEALOUS. You’re going to accomplish so much writing-wise, and it sounds like you have lots of plans for that. Good luck with everything you have going on!

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    1. Thanks so much!! YES!! Now, 29 work days. I’ll be retiring a month before my 57th birthday. I’ll have worked at ISU for 30 years- I think that’s plenty, don’t you? LOL.

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  2. Glad some writers contacted you – I posted about it in my publisher’s FB group. Less than 30 days to go – awesome, Sue! I wish we had some indie bookstores around here, but our only option is B&N. There are a couple in Nashville (1 hour away), but one isn’t an option. I’ll have to look into the other one.

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    1. I appreciate the shout out for Meet & Greet interviews. As I state – ALL are welcome. Feel free to send anyone my way (this includes artists and musicians as well – I have separate sections for those folks). And yes, indie bookstores used to be more of a thing around here, but now we just have the one.

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