Bloggy Update 2/10/21

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Twelve days.

That’s how many work days are left in my “career” at Milner Library (ISU). I have to be honest – I’ve never seen my time at Milner as a “career”, per se. It’s definitely been more of a job. However, it’s an odd feeling to watch the days dwindle, to see people at work planning for events and projects that will take place “after the fact”, taking down posters that have graced my office walls for years. But, I suppose this transitional period is something that most everyone will go through (or have already gone through).

As for Rage – Oh, boy! – I am 8 chapters away from my “final read through” and then I send it off to the Beta Readers! While they have their way with it, I’ll be formulating a back-of-the-book blurb, thinking about some ideas for the cover, and getting back to reading for fun. (I don’t read fiction while I am in the process of revising). So, it’s still on track for coming out later this year. (a shot in the dark guess would be somewhere between July – October).

We’ve seen some dreadful (and a few decent) movies as of late. LOL.

Fatman (2020) (Mel Gibson- yeah, I know…) was O.K. I might recommend it if you want a movie where you can turn your brain off and let the celluloid wash over you.

Below Zero (2020) – Crime caper. Not bad. I gave it a 6.1 out of 10. The middle got a little sloggy for me, but overall, it was decent.

House of the Devil (2009) – Again, not bad, but not great. I had a LOT of issues with the logistics/plotlines, but I’d just call this one teen horror fodder. Meh.

Cadaver (2020) – Ug. I gave it a 3.8. The premise is good – apocalyptic and foreign – but the movie spent a great deal of time following people around a hotel. They aren’t doing much – just going room to room for atmospheric effect. I would give it a pass unless you’re into aesthetics of movie making.

Unhinged (2020) – Solid, yet one-note movie about road rage kicked up to an unbelievable level. I gave it a 7.0.

So, there it is. And if I haven’t mentioned it as of late, PLEASE poke around on The Flip Side section and the Meet & Greets. I’ve been posting some great, new interviews with musicians and authors alike. Spread the word!!



  1. Congratulations on being so close to official retirement. I’m excited for you!

    Loved your mini movie reviews, too. They were highly entertaining.

    And congrats on Rage. I’m in the final edit of my WIP as well. Progress, LOL!

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    1. Thanks! I know people are probably sick of reading about it, but I can’t help it! LOL!!! 🙂 Yay for book progress – that’s awesome! If only we could all go out and celebrate these milestones properly.

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