Bloggy Update 2/20/21

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Ok, let’s get it out of the way.

I have 5 work days left. 🙂

Now, onto writer-ly things. I’ve finished Revision #5 of Rage and have sent it off to my Beta Readers. (thank you!) I’ve requested that they send their commentary back to me by the end of March, so I’m taking this time to actually read some fiction and work on the blog.

I’m going back through and cleaning up sections of the blog (I’ve started with the Meet & Greet Archive sections first). So, if you poke around, you should find it to be more consistent overall – in the layout. I haven’t messed around with the “block thing” that WordPress has gone to yet. I might do that after I go through everything first. I really don’t want to screw up anybody’s interview stuff.

We are still staying away from people-y things and places. Charlie is going to get his first shot on Monday and we are both pretty happy about that. It was a NIGHTMARE trying to deal with websites and finding a sign-up that actually worked. Frustrating isn’t the word…

As for what we’ve been watching?

Longmire (a western series on Netflix) – we’re into season 2 (out of 6) so far. Pretty good. Kind of like a kicked-up better version of Walker, Texas Ranger.

Platoon (a re-watch) – As intense as I remember. Really good movie.

Shark Tank (as always!) – Love it.

The Endless – a fantastic movie that I made Charlie watch again. LOL. It’s SO GOOD.

So, there it is. Anyone out there going or planning on going to book events? What’s your take? Let me know. I’m hoping things are “safe enough” by July/August, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.

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