Bloggy Update 3/5/21

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No alarms.

No schedules.

No work.

BUT, I’ve not have much in the way of downtime! I am looking at a Book Promotion Service to see if it would be worth doing. It’s not all that pricey and it has really good reviews (plus, ALLi – the independent author group of which I am a member – supports them). I might give them a go and if I do, I’ll let you know my take on things.

I’ve also connected with an author publicist who is helping to spread the word on the Meet & Greet AND The Flip Side interviews. So, you can look forward to reading a consistent supply of new interviews during 2021.

Rage, the manuscript of my fourth novel, is still in the hands and eyeballs of the Beta Readers. I’ve suggested a deadline of the end of March and am actually NOT having to edit/rewrite things. Once I receive everyone’s comments/suggestions, Revision #6 will happen. Still looking to release Rage sometime before October and I’m pretty sure that can happen.

We’ve also purchased a treadmill. Without being able to go into a gym (and dealing with temperamental weather on occasion), Charlie decided that it was the best way to get cardio in without a laundry list of excuses. I’ll probably still run outside sometimes, but it’s great to put on the headphones/pod and just go downstairs. πŸ™‚

So, let me ask you – do you LIKE the notices of the new author interviews (and musicians/artists, too)? Is it “too much” in your email or are you finding it to be a “nice heads up”? Please let me know. I do NOT want to annoy my followers, but I do want to spread the word and keep everyone updated.

As for what we’ve been watching?

Longmire – We’re in Season 5 (out of 6). It’s really good. I think I mentioned that I’m not one for westerns, but this is different. The characters are pretty believable and the plot lines aren’t too convoluted. I would recommend this series.

Shark Tank – Every Friday at 7pm. I love this. Charlie puts up with me enjoying it. LOL.

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain (movie – 2017) – Either watch the REAL story that this movie is based on, or just tune into a Lifetime movie. You’ll get better use of your time this way. Yikes. (cliche, sappy, too long for what it was…)

Nomadland – (2020) – It’s getting rave reviews – deservedly so. If you’re looking for BIG THINGS TO HAPPEN, you’ll probably be disappointed. This is a “slice of life” / “personal journey” movie and it’s fantastic. My only issue – perhaps a little bit long, but I would totally recommend seeing it.

And if you haven’t lately, check out the interviews on the blog! While your at it, if you haven’t read Buried, Track 9, or Badfish, maybe give them a shot. They are NOT straight horror – they run on the suspense line. If you can “handle things on the internet”, you can read my books. Promise. πŸ™‚


  1. Hi Sue, congrats on a new work life, and getting Rage into the hands of Beta readers. If you like the book promotion service, please share your experience. Got any hints about getting ARCs into the hands of reviewers? I think the new author interview notices are helpful, not annoying. Anyhoo, best wishes, Ron

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    1. Hey Ron! Thanks for the good thoughts. I will certainly let people know what I find if/when I use the promotion service. If I do it, it will likely be toward the end of March/beginning of April, after I get in some sort of “pattern of new life”. As for ARC’s – you might think about hitting up a local community college/university and talk to their English/Writing/Communication department – students or instructors. It could be a good base. Thanks! (and thank you for letting me know that the notices are not annoying! One vote “for”! πŸ™‚

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