Bloggy Update 3/15/21

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So many things!

The blog is buzzing with new posts, author interviews, and an interview I did with fellow author Christina Consolino (link can be found on the Events/Promotions page on the front of my blog, but I’ll also post it here: PLUS, I’m revamping some aspects of the site.

When the “new editor” took over WordPress, it kind of screwed up some fonts/photos/layouts. I’m going back and cleaning up these issues. I’ve started doing this in the Author Archives (A-F) and will be making my way through the entirety of the blog. When I’m done, everything should look much more uniform and “clean”. That’s the hope!

Also, I’ve opened up a NEW Section for authors who have interviewed with me on the Meet & Greet. If anyone would like to update their information, answer some of the newer questions I’ve been asking, or share some new work that they’ve done, by all means, let me know! You can now find ANY and ALL updates from past Meet and Greet guests on the front page of the blog under Updates from Past Meet & Greet Authors! (send me any updates YOU would like to share to and please put UPDATES in the subject line)

And wait! There’s more!

My Beta Readers are making their way through the manuscript of Rage (my fourth novel). I’ve received one back, so I’m thinking that the others are not too far behind. Once I gather everyone’s comments/thoughts/suggestions, I’ll be going through it again (AKA Revision #6). At that point, I’ll begin working on the back-of-the-book blurb, the acknowledgement page, the author bio – all the stuff that goes before and after the actual story.

I’m hoping to have the “complete manuscript” ready for layout sometime in May. Again, that’s the plan. Life can get in the way, but as of THIS typing, that’s the schedule.

I’m also going to give a Book Promotion site a shot. Normally, I wouldn’t do this for a variety of reasons, but I’ve missed an entire year of book events, and 2021 won’t be faring much better. While there IS an event I hope to attend in late June (and one in October), I haven’t received any vaccine yet and Covid is still very much an issue. SO, I’m going to put the funds I would have used in going to events and give this particular company a try.

Keep an eyeball peeled to the blog – I’ll be sharing my Book Promotion site experiences as well as other happenings.

Sue 🙂


  1. I haven’t gone back and looked at old posts to see in the new editor screwed them up. I figure if I don’t acknowledge it, it hasn’t really happened? I had a couple book events scheduled later in the year and one has already been postponed, so we’ll see about the other. Have you had your last day yet?

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    1. I have! The last day of February (the 26th) was my last! It feels like I’m playing hooky and pulling something over on ISU. LOL. With all the paperwork, you’d think that concept wouldn’t be in my head.

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