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As promised, I’m going to update you on what I’ve experienced with my first go-round in using a marketing company. I want to be really clear in stating that this is (so far) MY take on things – your own mileage may vary.

I chose Books Go Social (social media and marketing for authors)

The reason I chose them instead of the many others out there:

  1. They were vetted by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) – of which I am a member
  2. They offered services at a fair price and promised a refund (within the first 60 days, no questions asked) if I am unsatisfied.
  3. Great reviews of their services (including some author folks that I know through social media)
  4. Their instructions and communications (so far) have been very clear and helpful. I didn’t have to know code/HTML or “computer-y things outside my grasp”.

So, how are they?

So far – really great! I had to chose one book to publicize, so I chose Buried. It was the most recent (Rage isn’t done/ready yet) and like the rest of my books, it could use all the publicity it can get.

They’ve done Twitter postings every day, including the purchase link and cover. It might not sound like much, but I’m not a big Twitter-bug and I don’t really know how to construct those things. So, I found this helpful. They emailed a suggested twitter blurb, but I didn’t care for it and offered another suggestion. They used what I wrote, no questions asked.

They offered a chance at an author interview to be posted on their page (which I did). They posted it within the next day or so and I copied it to FB and to my blog (under Promotions & Events, if you want to check it out!) They were quick to do so, which was nice.

They also suggested that I change my blurb on Amazon (for Buried). I never even thought about doing that (or that it was even possible). After reading it again (they made some good suggestions and points), I did re-write it and changed it on the Amazon website. They even helped me separate the paragraphs (I didn’t know how). I found this to be probably one of the best things they’ve helped with so far. I even went back and did a little change on one of my other books (now that I realized this could be a thing – making it better!)

There are online classes and other things that they’ve offered that I’m not necessarily interested in at this time, but others might be (ways to structure aspects of social media and promotions). I might revisit these opportunities in the future, but I’m sort of picking and choosing at this moment. I believe Buried will also be featured on NetGalley.

So – a high recommend so far. I have their services for 3 months (and it’s only been a week). I’m liking what I’ve experienced up to this point and I’ll keep you apprised.


As for other things – I’ve cleaned up the author archives from A – L so far. (darn new wordpress editor!) Making good progress there.

I’m waiting on the Beta Readers before going back “into Rage”, but I’m getting some reading in. Just finished Sleep Experiment (great book), working my way through Stuff You Should Know, and had to DNF the D.O.A. II (the book of short stories). I just couldn’t do it. I’m all for horror, but the stories in this one basically had people doing terrible things to each other in very graphic, disgusting ways. A little goes a long way, but story after story of grotesqueness and torment with no real story and capped with flimsy characters? I had to pass.


We’ve watched:

L.B.J. (the movie) – Good, solid film. I learned things and love a retro-based movie. Recommend.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – Great movie about the “Mother of the Blues” in 1927. Again, I learned something here. Another recommend.

Clinical (2017) – Don’t. Just…don’t. Beside for hating the characters and seething at the impossible lack of boundaries a therapist/psychologist put on her patients, I don’t know if I could be more angry at this piece of celluloid.

Chicken People (2016) – A delightful romp through the world of showing chickens. What more could you possibly ask for? Plus…baby chicks!! 🙂 Extreme recommend.

Okay – I’ve surely taken up enough of your day! Please poke around the blog – new things/interviews are being posted.

And may I add… Happy Spring!


  1. Sorry so late getting here! Good to hear about Books Go Social. I’ve heard of them, but like you said it’s good to check them out first. So many scams out there. Have a great week, Sue!

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    1. No worries! Glad anyone pops in for comments! LOL. Yes – in my upcoming bloggy update, I’ll be letting folks know what I think (so far) about them and what I’ve experienced. Thanks for coming by!!

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