Bloggy Update 4/29/21

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I’m five chapters done with revision #7 of Rage. If I’m completely honest with my timeline, I can see finishing it by the middle of May! (I’m getting my 2nd Moderna shot on May 6, so maybe add a couple of days onto that!) When it’s done, I send the manuscript to my layout person and she works her magic to create the proper formatting. I’ve also sent her my concepts for the cover (she’s an illustrator by trade and she did the cover of Buried). It’s going to be awesome. (her name is Tami Boyce for anyone looking for a great person to help with their books)

I’d like to also remind any authors who have done a Meet & Greet on the blog – if you have any updates of things you have done, are working on, links, etc., please feel free to send them to me (just put UPDATES in the subject line). I’ve created a section for you to let readers know of new things! (

My first event of the year is coming up on June 26 from 10am to 6pm. It’s the Peoria Book Fest and this year it is taking place at The Shoppes at Grand Prairie at 5201 W. War Memorial Drive (Peoria, Illinois). I’ll have the info over in the Events/Promotion section if you’re interested in popping over. All vendors and patrons will be required to wear masks inside. Also, the tables will be distanced as well. So, safety procedures are happening. It’s been a year and a half since my last book event – I can’t tell you how excited (and nervous) I am! 🙂

As for what I’ve been watching…

Richard Jewell (2019) – Really great film. From what I gather, very true to life. It’s the story about the security guard at the Atlanta Olympic Games and what really happened. High recommend.

The Square (2017) – Art House movie all the way. It just didn’t work for us. Low score, but your mileage may vary.

Wolves (2016) – It’s not Hoosiers, but it’s a pretty good high school basketball romp. Good acting for sure, although it’s a little “been there, seen that before” feeling throughout.

The Bad Bunch (1973) – Uh…it’s not politically correct in any sense of the word. So, go in ready for some heavy eye rolling and cringe-worthy scenes. Remember, this was ’73. Oh, and it’s pretty bad overall.

Wentworth (the Series) – We just started season 7 of this Prisoner: Cell Block H remake from Australia. Fantastic. Better than OITNB on so many levels. High recommend if you like prison/crime/more realistic type of stories.

That’s the wrap for now! If you haven’t yet, check out the new Meet & Greet interviews, and poke around the blog. And spread the word! The blog is always open for business. 🙂


    1. Yeah, masks for vendors and patrons are required at this one coming up in Peoria. I’ll have both shots by then too, so, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

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