Bloggy Update 6/12/21

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This is the 9th day we are without air conditioning.

Our “new” (still under warranty) unit has malfunctioned and the company has had to back order a part. Thanks to the pandemic, everything is delayed and routine schedules and maintenance are but a dream. The part is due to come in on June 15 – meaning that we’ll be without our beautiful A/C for 12 days when this is all said and done. At least they aren’t charging us to fix it. Miracle.

Beside for complaining about the heat and humidity, I’ve actually been able to pull some groovy things out of my hat! The final (and yes, I DO mean final!) edited manuscript has been sent to my layout person (Tami Boyce! Thank You!) She will be sending me the “finished product” which will then be sent/uploaded to KDP/Amazon.

What this basically means is that Rage could very well be AVAILABLE in July! 🙂 Keep an eyeball peeled for updates!

I also just signed up to do Printers Row in Chicago! This year, it’s being held on September 11/12. My slot will be 3pm – 6pm on Saturday, September 11 under the Chicago Writers Association Tent. Very cool!

I’ve had some great author/artist interviews on the blog as well. Check out the Meet & Greet section for authors and take a look at Spotlight for artists. Thanks to ALL who have participated! I know it’s a challenge to make time these days.

And a big, juicy THANK YOU to the new followers of the blog! Welcome! 🙂 Feel free to share the blog, invite folks to poke around and see what’s what.

Okay, I’m melting into my keyboard. Thanks for reading!


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