Bloggy Update 6/28/21

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It’s out on Amazon!!

It’s finally here! My fourth novel is out and available on Amazon after TWO YEARS. I can’t begin to tell you (well, actually, I guess I am…) how excited/relieved that it’s done. Add in the pandemic nightmare, and it’s a wonder that it made it “out the door” so to speak.

Amazon is in the process of “setting things up”, but if you go to that link up there, you can order it RIGHT NOW! (it’s $12 just like all my other books) There will be a kindle version as well – give me another week or so. As soon as that goes live, I’ll post it (the link) on the blog as well.

We JUST returned from vacation. Cincinnati! The zoo (Fiona, the hippo!), the American Sign Museum (which is a true wonder in and of itself), and Findley’s Market (cheese…). Of course, there were the requisite trips to record stores and used book stores as well as local eateries. Good times.

So today, I’m playing catch up on everything. I’ll be posting a NEW Meet & Greet today, too, so check back for that.

Okay, I’m off to do all the stuff I’ve been putting off for the past 6 days! LOL.

Thanks for reading! And be sure to check out RAGE!


  1. Love the cover, Sue – sets a nice tone (perfect for me, maybe not for readers who shy away from horror/thrillers, lol). Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation. Books, cheese, and music – three of my favorite things.

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    1. It was pretty amazing. And the zoo…can’t forget about the adorableness there! 🙂 (and yeah…I understand my stuff isn’t for everyone)

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  2. We saw Fiona the hippo! Been watching her videos for almost 4 years, seeing her “grow up”. It was so cool to see her in person. If you can…go. 🙂

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