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Another event is now down in the books!

Dark History and Horror Con ’21 (Champaign, Illinois) is over, but certainly not forgotten. Nine hours of selling, pitching, meeting, greeting, and chatting with folks – is it okay that I slept ’til 11am today? LOL. It was great to see familiar author friends, folks that I’ve actually interviewed on the blog but hadn’t yet met in REAL LIFE, and meet some NEW horror peeps! I was fortunate to do pretty well, so all of that balled up together makes me think that I’ll be signing up for this one next year.

Speaking of events – no rest for the weary! THIS COMING SATURDAY, October 30th, I’ll be at the Wheaton Haunted Flea Market from 3pm to Midnight. (yes, midnight…but we DO have a hotel that night, so we won’t have to drive 2.5 hours at one in the morning)

Nano is right around the corner – National Novel Writing Month (November). ( If you are doing it this year, my “handle” is Hoganlives (and I live in Normal, Illinois), so friend me! πŸ™‚ I have a basic idea for a story, but beyond that, I’m totally “pantsing” this. How about you?

We’ve watched a LOT lately:

Midnight Mass – This gets all the high marks from me. Loved it. If you have reservations, don’t. Go all in on this one.

You (latest season) – Another one that I loved. You might think that “hearing the main character’s thoughts” throughout the show is distracting, and I guess for some folks, it could be. I loved it because that’s how I write my own characters – getting in their heads and figuring out what they are thinking and why.

Rent – A – Pal (2020) – Fair horror movie to pass the time. I wouldn’t seek it out, but if it comes on, it’s interesting enough to finish. A bit of an 80’s feel throwback.

A Serious Man (2009) – Pretty great movie. I actually think I’ve seen this before, but it was worth it for a second viewing.

Event Horizon (1997) – I’m not even sure what I watched but it was one wild ride. A little sci-fi, a lot horror, a passing fancy at apocalyptic – it’s the kind of movie that you watch with your mouth hanging open and after it’s over, you forget to close it for a while.

Heavy Trip (2018) – For lovers of hard rock, metal, and comedy, this is going to be right up your alley. Charlie enjoyed it more than I did (because of the music connection and references), but I found it pretty good, too.

Old (2021) – I really was looking forward to seeing this, and finally did. I liked it, but I say that with some hesitation. Overall, the scenes and filming felt choppy and stilted. Maybe M. Night wanted that feeling to come through, but I found it taking me out of the moment too many times. I thought the ending was “fair enough” in wrapping up the story/reasoning for the plot, but I wanted the entire movie to be more cohesive. So, it kind of worked, but kind of didn’t.

So, there it is. Keep an eyeball peeled on the Meet & Greets (I’m posting every Monday when I have a new interview), the Spotlights (for artist folks), and the FlipSide (for musicians).

I want to THANK all the new followers, the interviewees, and everyone who purchased my books. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!

Sue πŸ™‚


  1. That’s awesome you’ve got so many author events, Sue – and I love the idea of the one going until midnight! Midnight Mass was a winner for me, and I got my son to watch it last weekend. I’m on the fifth episode of You and it’s just as good as the other seasons.

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    1. I loved both of those shows. We’ve just started watching Katla from Iceland. It’s pretty good – a bit slow, but I’m really curious where it’s going to go. There’s only 8 episodes in this first season and we’re almost half way. We also watched Oats Studios which was mind-blowing segments of weirdness. I can’t say I “liked” them because they were all really a “negative/man’s inhumanity to man” vibe, but there was something fascinating about the creative factor.

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