Bloggy Update 12/7/21

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Home stretch, people.

Nano is done. Most of the events have already happened and are in the books, as they say. Some people are taking time off from blogging and posting as the onslaught of holidays approach (or have just happened – Hanukkah, for one).

This is a good thing. It’s certainly been an unusual year (Recovery from 2020? Rebound? Do over?), but we are making it through and deserve a break – from writing or whatever has been pressing heavy on our minds.

I recommend tea – white, oolong, black, green – go crazy. I also recommend naps (if you’re able). The kitties recommend them too. (Noodle is the black big boy at 18 lbs. and Monkey is the diva in the front)

I have one more event this year – The Maker’s Market at Destihl Brewery (On Greenbriar) in Normal, Illinois. If you’re local, it’s on Sunday, December 12 from 10am to 3pm. (I guess that’s true even if you’re not local…) Stop by and say hi, pick up a book, a toad bag (tote!), and check out all the other vendors. There’s plenty!

We finished watching The Sinner (season 4). Loved that show. We’re almost done with Narcos: Mexico (3rd season). Not bad – a little hard to follow, but it’s good. We just saw The Quiet Place:2 (again, it wasn’t amazing, but we both gave it a 7 out of 10). It might help to see the first one if you haven’t yet.

Speaking of Nano – I did hit just over 50,000! I don’t have a title yet, but I imagine when I go back to do Round 2 of edits (February? March?), it’ll come to me. That’s how the others worked – the title literally just came into my head as I was working/re-writing them. If this one follows the patterns of the previous works, it should be available sometime in 2023.

Yeah, it takes me a long time. You’d think that in being retired, I’d have all the time in the world. And I suppose that in a way, I do. I’m very fortunate to have retired at 56/57, but to be honest, I don’t want to spend every day / all day writing. That would be too much like a job. I want to enjoy it and make the best book I can, but I don’t want to write exclusively. I have too many other interests and want to spend time with Charlie (and other folks when possible).

The blog, however, continues!! I’ll still be posting Bloggy Updates, Meet & Greets, Spotlights, and Flip Sides when I have them, and updating the sections through December and beyond. If YOU know of any folks that might want to jump on the interview bandwagon, send them my way! (

And of course, if YOU are looking for gift ideas, hit up my Amazon page. Suspense comes in 4 different, stand alone novels, and horror comes in two collections of short stories. Give the gift of reading this year.

Thanks! 🙂



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