New Author Alert! 1/31/22

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Darlene Foster, the newest Meet & Greet author, joins the blog today! She is author interview #198! (I can’t believe we are closing in on 200) A big, hearty welcome and thank you, Darlene, for sharing with us.

And, if I may, a quick reminder to any folks who are artists and/or musicians (in any capacity) – The Spotlight and Flipside sections are always open for interviews as well. Please pass along the blog/my email for those who might be interested. (


  1. I enjoyed the interview, especially Darlene’s thoughts about why she likes writing for tweens. Looking back on my childhood, those were fun years, and I devoured books (still do, LOL).
    It was also amazing to think about audio books making such a difference for her father—20 years ago!

    Congrats to Darlene. Thanks for sharing, Sue!

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    1. Thanks for the comments, Mae! Yes, I recall audio books being around for quite some time. I suppose I’m thinking about how Audible (and other technology corporations) are now available (and pushing indie authors) to put their books out there on this particular platform. I haven’t done audio books for my own and don’t know if I will, but I know others who have done so.

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