Bloggy Update 2/7/22

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On February 1, Charlie had a total knee replacement (TKR). While he is getting along as well as someone with seven days under their proverbial belt would be at this point, we are finding it to be an “all consuming” road. His first trip to PT a few days ago let us know he is “on the right track”, so while that is a positive, there’s still much to be done.

I’ve posted a new Meet & Greet today – so, please feel free to pop over and check that out! I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have responded to the authors/musicians/artists through the Alert messages. I know my site is a little “clunky”, and I plan to look into it later this year. So, THANK YOU for working around my lack of technical silliness and making communication work in spite of this blog’s set up.

Ok – short one today. We’ve watched Season One of Alaska P.D. and reruns of various shows. That’s about all we can handle right now!

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  1. Stay safe and warm, Sue.Quick recovery and complete healing for Charlie.Take care of yourself, too.Caregivers are important! I’m sorry that I have not replied to your author questions for your blog.Β I have been distracted by my other responsibility, the ExtraOrdinary Women ProjectBN.I will work on it. I’m glad you don’t have a deadline.Sending warm, virus-free hugs.FeliΒ Β 

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