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Events are coming!

The last one I did was back in December, and, perhaps like some of you, have been “impatiently waiting” for book/author/craft events to start up again so we can sell IN PERSON. Full disclosure – that’s where I do the best. Yes, my books are on Amazon, but so are millions of others and I’m just not famous (or market enough) to break through the ocean of voices and be reeled in by most readers. So, I stake my claim in meeting folks in person in order to sell my wares. How about you? Do you find it better to sell in person or do folks hit up Amazon (or other places) for your stuff?

Charlie is doing pretty good. He’s actually going to give driving a shot this weekend. (it’s cold but sunny around here). He’s in Week 5 of knee replacement recovery, but managing to get around fairly well. Progress is being made!! 🙂

The new book, or should I say, the first draft…

Well, I CAN tell you (you’ve heard it here FIRST!) that I’ve decided on a title – SANCTUM. When I thought about it, I did a random ask on FB about what came to people’s minds when they saw that word. Most answers gelled with what I was going for, so, sometimes a quick query to social media can help answer a nagging question.

I’ve also started thinking about it – the characters, the plot, ways to move things around. I’m getting “close” to starting back into the second draft. I’d say very early April if I were pressed. I think that timing should work out on the home front as well. Stay tuned for more!

I’ve signed up for FIVE events this year (so far! LOL) The first one is the Spring Market at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard (yep, a winery!). That’s taking place on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30. It’ll be my first time at it (the details are in the EVENTS section of the blog), so I’m pretty excited to see how things go. It looks pretty groovy – lots happening that weekend. If you’re close, come check it out!

I also hired someone to take a look at the blog! They know WordPress (whereas I’m lost in the dark on many things…lol). I’ve asked them to “make it more user friendly / make it easier to find things” AND give each interview it’s own page and comment section. They are working behind the scenes, so you might see changes and things happening in the next few weeks.

As for what we’ve been watching:

The Card Counter (2021) – Yeah, it was okay. Charlie liked it a LOT more than I did. It felt draggy and almost lost me a few times. But it is based on a true story. So, you might dig it, but be warned – there’s a mean/violent edge to it.

Overlord (2018) – Nazis, hidden labs, and good guys kicking a**. It’s one of those movies that need you to suspend your belief and knowledge of realistic things and just go with it. Entertaining and not “silly/goofy”. I’d recommend it if you’re okay with fighting and gore.

American Factory (2019) – “In post-industrial Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant. Early days of hope and optimism give way to setbacks as high-tech China clashes with working-class America.” I would highly recommend this movie! The way both sides (and yes, they show it) see each other is fascinating. I was actually surprised that they could film (and show!) what the Chinese group thought of the Americans. Oh, and safety is NOT an issue. Put this movie on your list. For real.

Against the Ice (2022) – Another “true story” movie. This film tells the tale of the Danish Expedition of 1909/1912 in search of Greenland’s truth (is it two areas or just one?) Okay, it sounds dull, but it’s really not. It’s VERY well acted, quite believable, and makes you think about how they were able to deal with the harshness of the environment with only the most basic of equipment. (**just be aware that there are animal deaths – yeah, I HATED that part, but it was true to the story. They don’t show a lot and I did look away sometimes, but most of it happens in the first third to half of the movie) I recommend this, especially for lovers of history, man against nature buffs, and arctic film lovers.

Okay, that’s a wrap. Let me know how YOU are getting on these days! 🙂



  1. Congratulations on all those events you’ve signed up for (they are few and far between in my area), and on the progress you’re making with Sanctum (cool title). Good news about Charlie, too.
    Even with the animal deaths, Against the Ice tempts me. I remember reading The Terror by Dan Simmons a fictionalized account (mixed with a lot of bizarre-o stuff) about the search for the Northwest Passage. It remains one of my favorite all time books!

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