New Bloggy Update 5/10/22

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A little over halfway.

That’s where I’m at in working on Draft #2 of Sanctum. I’m trying to do a chapter a day, but…life…will find a way to alter your plans. Still, I’m making decent progress and HOPE to be done with this round of edits by the end of May.

This coming Saturday, I’ll be at Bobzbay in Bloomington, Illinois doing a book signing. It’s a wonderful, local indie bookstore (our only one!). The owner is giving local authors a great opportunity. I believe there is another local author scheduled for later in May. If you are local, or wish to make Bloomington, Illinois a stopping point during your day, I’ll be there from 9:30am to Noon. There’s also a rather large Farmer’s Market that’s happening on the square in Bloomington that starts around 7am or so. (way too early for me.)

THIS SATURDAY! May 14 from 9:30am to Noon.

A question I sometimes get from folks – Why do I include artists and musicians (interviews of Spotlight and The Flip Side) on what is generally set up as an author site? It’s a reasonable question. This blog DID start out as strictly “author only”… and then I noticed how excluded writers were from so many other events/websites/happenings. Events that proudly advertised ARTISTS left out an important branch of the arts – writers. Businesses that featured creatives forgot that authors fall into the same (or similar) category.

It’s because of this divide that I chose to include ALL artists – and that meant authors, musicians, visual artists, podcasters, voice-over folks – ANYONE who makes, creates, shares their talents with the world. I want to be as inclusive as I can, and perhaps, at some point, others will open their doors and provide the same kind of opportunity to writers.

Okay – what are we watching these days?

Ozark – OMG. We finished the show. While I’ve read some people’s hatred at how the show wrapped up, I thought every episode was fantastic. THAT is what a show should be. And yes, I found the ending totally sensible. I’m a fan.

Better Call Saul – OMG. (hey, I already said that). Well, BCS deserves it and more. Each minute MEANS something. Nothing is wasted – not a sentence, not a movement. Easily a top ten favorite show of all time for me.

Bar Rescue – Yeah, I know. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure. Jon Taffer is loud and obnoxious, but so are most of the others that do the same kind of shows (Gordon Ramsey, Robert Irvine, etc). I like seeing the before and after shots at the end, too. 🙂 I can’t say I’m on a steady diet of this show, but during lunch, I’ll probably flip to it if there’s nothing else that catches my attention.

The Weakest Link – A smart game show that’s led by Jane Lynch (ISU ALUM!!). This is the second iteration (an older version existed and probably can still be found on the internet). Charlie and I like answering/guessing along with the players. 🙂

It’s a balmy 89 degrees here in Normal today. (yuk) Stay cool and Stay groovy!



  1. A book signing sounds like so much fun. I’m hoping for a few of them in my area in the months ahead.

    I just finished edits on my WIP. I’m going to let the book set for a few weeks before one final read-through.

    And I need to start watching Better Call Saul. I’ve only heard good things about it!

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  2. Glad you’ve got more events coming up, Sue. Okay – I finished Ozark last night. And I’m disappointed in the ending. I guess I was expecting some kind of explosive event. I even wondered if certain characters were being imagined after the car accident (trying not to give spoilers). Still, it’s one of the better shows out there.

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    1. I bought in to everything Ozark had to give. I was a little confused with the Mexican Cartel stuff, but usually that kind of thing DOES confuse me. LOL. (like, who is in charge and why does our government “work with them”?)

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