New Bloggy Update 7/24/22

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It has begun!

Draft #3 of Sanctum (the newest novel) has started. I’ve gone through the first seven chapters so far. I can usually do a chapter a day, depending on what else life throws my way. I’m also re-writing one of my short stories from In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 1 (Skin). I’m hoping to send it around, perhaps submit it to a podcast that is accepting short stories to read on their show.

I’m also gearing up for next month’s event – The Dark History and Horror Convention. I’ve posted about it in the Events section of the blog. If you are so inclined, pop on over there and get all the details. It’s happening on August 19 and 20 (although I’ll only be there on Saturday) in Champaign, Illinois. They’ve got a TON of stuff lined up – lots of presentations, vendors, and special guests. If you like horror, true crime, serial killer stories, weird things, etc., this is the con for you.

Ok, don’t get mad. I haven’t decided on the Wheaton Haunted Flea yet. LOL. I know, I know. Well, it’s only July and the Flea is October 29. 🙂

I’m very close to posting a call out to ALL AUTHORS who would like to write a short article for my new section, ALL BUSINESS. I’ll let you know all the specifics shortly. Bullet points for this are as follows:

  1. Open to all authors.
  2. Non-paying (but you can publicize you work)
  3. Article can be up to 1,000 words (but less is more than welcome – looking for “around” 300 – 500 words overall.)
  4. Will be a monthly segment.

I’ll be listing a large choice of topics, but will also welcome others. Keep an eyeball peeled over the next month for the official call.

What have we been watching?

Meltdown: Three Mile Island (limited series) – I was 15 when this happened, but I really wasn’t “aware”. This documentary was pretty fascinating. For folks who remember this better, it’s still an interesting take on this event. There are very similar “goings on” nowadays…I’ll just leave it at that. High recommend.

The Andy Warhol Diaries (limited series) – Full disclosure – we watched only a part of this. We had seen other shows about him, so this felt a bit redundant. I guess if you’re a big fan, you’ll dig this. Otherwise, you might want to take a pass. We actually visited the museum in Pittsburgh a number of years ago, so it was cool to see those shots, but, honestly, we just got bored.

Brand New Cherry Flavor (limited series) – A wild, horror-ish ride in eight episodes. It’s a bit gross and over-the-top, but the story and characters were interesting and really held everything together. If you really don’t care for any kind of body horror, this will NOT be for you. Just remember – it’s all fake! Recommended for those looking for “something different”.

Breaking Bad – Yes. I’m watching it again. I’m deep into Season 4 right now. It’s. So. Amazing.

So, there it is! Have the grooviest of weeks. If I’ve sent you questions for interviews, I’m ready when you are – send your answers back anytime. 🙂


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