All Business (Open Call!) 8/2/22

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The NEW segment of the blog – All Business – is sending out a call for ANY and ALL writers. It doesn’t matter what genre you typically write or if you do this part-time, I am looking for YOU.

All Business will be a monthly segment that will touch on a plethora of topics. The focus will be advice, past experiences, suggestions, tips, and/or a combination of all of the above. It can be serious, humorous, or plainly factual. It’s up to you and your writing style.

What it isn’t – complete and total self-promotion. You can certainly use experiences you’ve had IN the article, but save the promotional outpouring for afterwards.

Which brings me to the next point. Normally, I don’t allow pictures of authors in the Meet & Greet. This is different. You can promote your work WITH a few photos if you do an article. It will be posted at the end of your submission.

So, here’s the plan:

When new articles will be posted: Monthly

Who can contribute: Any writer/author of any genre or professional level

What length: Fairly Open (less than 3,000 words but more than 300, but not a hard and fast rule)

Why: To share information. To encourage other writers. To help those with similar issues or provide new ideas.

Likely Staring Date: September 2022

Pay Scale: None. But authors can promote their work(s) at the end of the article and include photos!

So – I need YOU! Send me an email if you are interested in doing this. Not a lot of time now? Fine! I can schedule you months out. I’m looking for the following topics, but if you have other ideas, let me know. No hard and fast rules, as I said. And since some of these topics are very broad, you can cover whatever angle you wish.

Topics I’d like to see covered:

Table Fees

Marketing / Promotion

Being a Vendor (pros and cons)

Publishing (traditional, hybrid, small press, self-pub)


Cost of publishing/printing/editing



Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Pitching books to potential customers (how to close a sale)

Writing to fill a word quota

Contracts / Legal matters

Getting books into stores (brick and mortar)


Beta Readers (pros and cons)

Reviews (so. many. angles.)

Cover Art (hire it out? DIY?)

Blurb Writing

Trigger Warnings

Again – these are ideas. Have something else in mind? Let me know.

Please send me an email if you are interested.

Any questions?

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