New Bloggy Update 9/9/22

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Think of this as a quick drive-by, dropping off some information and reminders, and a continuous THANK YOU to folks who have supported my work and this blog.

  1. I’m off to Printer’s Row tomorrow! All the details are in the Events section of the blog, but the down and dirty of it is that the event runs tomorrow AND Sunday, 10am – 6pm in Chicago. ( I’ll only be there from 3pm to 6pm on Saturday (under the Chicago Writers Association Tent), and I’m ONLY bringing the books (no toad bags or mugs) because we are sharing table space. Simply not enough room for everything.
  2. The NEXT event will be in Bloomington at Bobzbay Bookstore! That will be on Saturday, October 14 from 4pm to 6pm. I’ll be posting specifics as it gets closer. BUT, know this! There will be two other authors there as well! More spooky things to read and groovy writers to meet 🙂
  3. Draft #3 of Sanctum is done! It will sit and stew until mid-October when I start Draft #4. After THAT is done, I’ll be sending it off to select folks to read/edit/get opinions.
  4. The FIRST installment of ALL BUSINESS is available! (been posted since September 1) If you haven’t checked it out, do so! The topic is Swag! If YOU would like to share your thoughts/experiences/advice about something author related, please let me know! ( I’m not looking for scholarly articles (although, if you want to contribute in that fashion, go for it!) or making deadline/pressure demands. Simply looking for folks to put in their .02.
  5. I want to THANK all the new followers, new (and old) readers, folks who have left reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads, supporters, friends both new and old who have stopped by my tables at conventions or other events – TRULY! I write my books in order to share my stories and entertain. It is ONLY because of readers and supporters that my work “exists”. So – thank you.

Okay – lots to do today before we head to Chicago tomorrow! Have the grooviest of weekends!


    1. Saturday was great. The weather held out and I sold some books. Met a ton of people. We ate at an Ethiopian restaurant afterwards, which was pretty tasty.

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