New Author Alert! 9/26/22

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The blog’s Meet & Greet section welcomes Jay Whales today! Pop on over to check out what Jay has to share with us – about himself and his work. Thank you, Jay!

And…an important reminder! I will NOT be posting a new Meet & Greet until October 17th (possibly the 10th, but I don’t want to promise and then not deliver). Charlie and I are going to be celebrating our anniversary (6 years!) AND his birthday, so I will not be ‘blog available’ for about a week and a half.

Having said that, PLEASE feel free to send your answers in (if I’ve sent you questions). Also, if you want to be part of the Meet & Greet (or Spotlight section or FlipSide, for music), send me an email. While I won’t be able to respond right away, I WILL see you emails. (



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