New Bloggy Update 10/12/22

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The vacation to Michigan is in the books!

Ten days of incredible tree color, eating out (mostly good, a couple…eh, not so much), three motels, about 1,600 miles of driving (thank you, Charlie!!), and High Afternoon Tea at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island – aaaaand, we’re home. Six loads of laundry later and routines are getting closer to normal.

Animals spotted along our travels:

Golden Eagle (so cool, words can’t express it)

Bald Eagles

Seagulls 🙂


Snake (Charlie saw it. I didn’t, but was sad that I missed it)

Bobcat (Again, Charlie saw it. I just noticed a blur go by)


Black Squirrels (beyond adorable and the first ones I had ever seen)

We hiked. Visited a lighthouse. Shopped in an overly touristy area called Mackinaw City. Watched the swells at the water’s edge. Saw three different Great Lakes (Michigan, Superior, and Huron). Tried to get into Canada but didn’t have our Passports or a “special driver’s license”. Saw scary bridges. Hit up a record store. Poked around a few antique places looking for radios/clocks/signs (which I collect). Saw boats move through the Soo Locks (that was cool). Slept in. Got up too early. Looked for moose or bears – neither of which made an appearance. (although, I SWEAR that I saw a moose in between some trees at one point. But we were going 75 mph and it could have been a cleverly disguised moose-shaped clump of trees)

There were SO MANY motels. Really. Apparently hunting and winter sports is THE THING in northern Michigan (something I never considered being from central Illinois). Tons of shacks/cabins/temporary housing. It would be a great place to set a spooky story, but I have Sanctum to finish first!

Speaking of which, I’ll be heading back into Draft #4 of Sanctum next week. I’m still playing catch up with all things post-vacation this week.

THIS FRIDAY, I’ll be at Bobzbay in Bloomington (with two other authors) doing a book signing/Meet & Greet thing from 4pm to 6pm. If you’re local, come on by. And the NEXT event is the Wheaton Haunted Flea on Saturday, October 29 from, yes…3pm to midnight. It’s the big one, folks. LOL. I’m actually still looking around for one or two more events for 2022. I have one in November and one in December, but I’d like to round out the year with an additional chance (or two) at selling.

As for what we’re watching?

The Godfather of Harlem (we just finished season one) – A riveting series about Italian/Black mobsters set in the late 50’s/early 60s. American crime drama. I would HIGHLY recommend this. At first, I wasn’t sure myself…sounded a little dry and ‘done before’, but I was wrong. It’s not The Sopranos, but it’s close.

****NEW Meet & Greets will start again on Monday, October 17th!!*****


  1. WordPress wouldn’t let me leave a message (after I wrote it) because I can’t remember my password.   But anyway— the tree and waterfall pictures are gorgeous, although the giant hot dog with half-mast flag is an award-winner!!  I’m glad you guys had a good trip!!

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