New Bloggy Update! 2/15/23

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I’m typing this having just taken a Covid Test (negative!), but still feel pretty lousy. Flu? Sinus? Hard to tell these days, but for the past 48 hours, things have been rather hazy and achy. Anyone else dealing with this garbage?

So, Sanctum! I’m deep into Draft #6 (Chapters 1 – 21 are finished) – just about halfway through. Once I finish it, I’ll set it aside for a few weeks and head into Draft #7. That’s when I’m really “finalizing” things and getting it ready to send off to the lady who does the formatting. Once she formats it, I’ll have three rounds of “changes” (if I want/need them) allocated to me. I’ll also send her my concepts and ideas for the cover (she created the covers of Buried and Rage)

I’m probably looking at June/July for the official release of Sanctum. I certainly don’t want to rush it, but I also can’t hold on to it forever. When it’s all said and done, I’ll have done 9 drafts/edits to the manuscript – same as the others. So, yes, it’ll be time.

Normally, I’d post on what we’ve been watching, but to be honest, I’d prefer to take another nap. 🙂 I’ll post another Bloggy Update with the list. Stay tuned! 🙂

What have YOU been watching? (yes, we’ve watched Part One of You and love it…more to come)

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