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March 1, 2018

The Indie View is a Very Cool Website – featuring lots of indie writers, reviewers, and books. I had a chat with them recently – follow the link to see it!

Linky Here

Happy March! 🙂


February 24, 2018

Another review for Track 9!

This time, the review comes from Ed Sarna, a member of the Windy City Review Group out of the Chicagoland area. I’ll post the link – in case you want to see other reviews for other books – but I’ll post the entire piece here.

Link to Windy City Reviews


Track 9. Sue Rovens. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 27, 2017, Trade Paperback and E-book, 221 pages. 

Reviewed by Ed Sarna.

Track 9, Sue Rovens’ second novel, is a suspense/thriller/psychological horror novel that is brimming with shock, terror, and humor. The characters appear to be everyday people who find themselves facing many of the same challenges we all do. Of course, we don’t all find ourselves unable to escape from an ever-devolving series of nightmares. As with her previous novel, Badfish, this book is a fast read, hard to put down, and takes you to places you never imagined.

The first short chapter describes, in graphic detail, a calamitous train wreck in a picturesque small German town. The accident itself and the repercussions after were so horrendous, the station was never reopened. Six months later, Gary and Grace Wolf, an American couple on their belated honeymoon, are set to return to Bloomington, Illinois, from that very town.

The first leg of their return trip is by rail, and because they are running late and not paying attention, they mistakenly end up in this defunct station. Although the station is bereft of living beings, the honeymooners are far from alone. Soon after the realization they are in the wrong station, Gary and Grace discover they can’t get out. And if that wasn’t enough, there also may, or may not, be a train in the station.

As Gary and Grace struggle to find their way home, their best friends back in Bloomington, Mike and Sarah Waverly, await their return. As their arrival time nears, Mike begins experiencing disturbing premonitions concerning his friends. These premonitions eventually spiral out of control, and as his own secure world unravels, he finds himself unable to put the pieces back together.

While the lives of these two Midwestern couples aren’t always what they appear to be, they could easily be our next-door neighbors. As the story races to its climax, we begin to peel back the layers and discover an ever-changing reality. Rovens paints in short, precise strokes, giving us well-developed characters in few words. The world she’s created makes perfect sense, even when it doesn’t. She builds tension quickly and effortlessly and doesn’t back off. Her use of short chapters moves the story along at a breathtaking pace. I didn’t see the ending coming.

The only fault I found in the story, while minor, concerned some unanswered questions at the end. This did not, however, keep me from thoroughly enjoying the story. I stated, after reading her first book, that she was an author to watch for in the future. I am happy to say, I couldn’t have been more right. Do yourself a favor and check out Track 9. I can’t wait to see where she takes us with her next book.


February 23, 2018

Good things tend to happen on Fridays, and today is no exception. Teri Polen (of Books and Such – – has extended an invitation to writers to share what they are reading these days.

I took her up on that 🙂

Here is my post for The Writer’s Reading Corner from Teri Polen’s Blog:


Happy Friday!



February 17, 2018

It’s official!

I’ve got my slot for Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago! Linky Here!

I will be under the Chicago Writers Association Tent on Saturday, June 9 from 12:30pm to 3pm. I will have all four books to sell – all will be reduced from $12 to $10 for the event. I’ll gladly sign one (or more!) for you. And, as always, I’ll have a little swag (free stuff) to give away.

Save the date! Come by and say “hi”! Get YOUR copy of the new In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 2 (or any of the others).

It’s going to be a great time 🙂



February 11, 2018

I’ve got a couple of NEW interviews coming up later this month! Make sure you check back to see ’em first hand (so to speak).

You DO know it’s Women in Horror Month, right? (WIHM) 🙂



January 29, 2018

Yay! A new review for Track 9!

Folks, please. If you’ve read anything of mine, please take a moment to post a review on Amazon/Goodreads/any other place. It’s so important. Thanks!

Track 9 Reviews



January 12, 2018

Well, I would call this starting off the year right! Lisa Haselton, writer and blogger, has graciously posted an interview with me and my latest novel, Track 9.  Here is the link to the interview/page and down below is the post (in case you don’t wish to travel to other sites):


Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews:

Interview with dark fiction author Sue Rovens

Dark fiction author Sue Rovens is here today and we’re chatting about her new suspense/horror novel, Track 9.


Sue Rovens is a suspense/horror indie author who is an active member of the Chicago Writers Association. Her two novels, Badfish and Track 9, are available in both paperback and Kindle formats. A third novel is being processed in her head – the hope that this year’s NaNoWriMo (2017) will see the first draft of this tale.

When not working on writing, Sue collects antique advertising, clocks, and radios. She likes to watch movies, read, and indulge in the occasional piece of cheese. She also runs, slowly. Geese have been known to out-lap her.

In order to pay the bills, Sue works in Milner Library at Illinois State University. She has been there for just over 26 years.

Please tell us about your current release.

Track 9 is a hit-the-ground-running story about a couple trapped in a haunted train station in Rain, Germany. It’s a character-driven examination focused on the “underbelly” of people – what happens to individuals when they encounter the unknown, from both a mental and physical standpoint. It’s a suspense story with swaths of horror mixed in.

Each of the four main characters deals with serious flaws. In order to survive, they have to overcome or outrun these issues. That’s where things get sticky and where the tension builds. When people have to face challenging situations head-on, they can be their own worst enemy. It’s all about what happens next that drives the story.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was in Germany about 11-12 years ago and was really taken by the enormity of the train stations. To an outsider, they were so daunting and overwhelming. I used that feeling and created a story around it.

What exciting story are you working on next?

For this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – which takes place in November), I am going to start work on a story about a hoarder who lives next to a funeral home. I have the basic concept in mind, including the other main and supporting characters, but when I actually start writing, anything can happen.

It will be in the suspense/horror genre along with my other two novels (Badfish and Track 9).

I am also in the process of revising my second book of short stories – In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 2. I put it out initially in 2013, but have decided to take it off the market and re-do it. I’ve pulled three of the original stories and put in three newer ones. Once it’s finished, it’s going to be much better, cleaner, and more professional.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Probably in 2012, when my first book of short horror stories was published. I would love to do it full time, but until my sales can pay my bills, it’s a part-time activity.

Do you write full-time? If so, what’s your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write?

No, it’s part-time. Other than writing, I run two to three times a week and lift weights twice a week. I also spend time reading (an important aspect of being a writer).

Finding time to write is difficult. I assume that most writers who have full-time jobs would say the same thing. When I am working on revisions, a short story, or a novel, I would say I set aside two evenings a week and at least one weekend day to focus on writing.

I’m not one that can write EVERY day (except during NaNoWriMo). It feels too forced and I end up just “filling space on the page”.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I have to have a game open on the computer at the same time as I am writing. I go to it once in a while, just to give my mind a breather. It’s not something that takes away from my work. It’s the perfect mindless activity I can do at the computer while I’m thinking through scenes or dialogue.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer.

Anything additional you want to share with the readers?

Yes! I would encourage your readers to experience my “style” of suspense/horror. I don’t write gore for gore sake. My writing is more psychological/character driven with plots that move forward at a consistent pace. To read the first chapter of Track 9, visit my blog –


Website | Amazon

Thank you for being here today, Sue!

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December 31, 2017

Hello! I’ve updated this section of the blog to be more inclusive as to all of my “happenings”. I’ve posted a few interviews I had done in the Bloggy Update Section, but they’ve kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. So, starting in 2018, any interviews that I do regarding MY books/writing/etc will go here.

Keep an eyeball peeled as a few things are currently in the works! 🙂

2018 – New Things!!


November 26, 2017

While I don’t have any specific events scheduled on the horizon, I DID want to make you aware that I will have In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 2 (the revised edition) coming out sometime in December of this year. While I have usually have a “book release event/party” whenever I put a new book out into the world, I probably won’t do anything “big” or “party-ish” for this one.

I will, however, be doing some special things on THIS blog and a little bit on social media, in order to spread the word. So, keep an eyeball peeled for Very Groovy Things coming up next month regarding the NEW, REVISED collection of short suspense stories. 🙂


November 11, 2017

Just came home from the Books @ Benefit Writer Event. While I unfortunately don’t have any photos from this one, I can say that it was a great time, met lots of reader-writer type of folks and look forward to their next event.

There were four of us on the panel (the illustrator was not there) and we fielded all kinds of questions, everything from how we publish our work to the best way to send a query to a literary agent. There was food, books, an artist in another area, lots of volunteers — a wonderful free program supporting both local writers and readers.

Many thanks to Jackie Langhoff for being the point person in all of this. Lots of work went into the planning I’m sure! 🙂

Keep an eyeball peeled for the NEXT event!


November 7, 2017

Press Release from Books 2 Benefit –

THIS SATURDAY from 1pm – 3pm – Come Join US!! 🙂


Books to Benefit Veteran’s Day Event,

Featuring Area Authors

On Saturday, November 11, from 1-3 p.m. learn how published authors and an illustrator broke into the publishing business during the Books to Benefit Writers Event at 360 Wylie Drive, Suite 700 in Normal. The event is open and free to the public.

“I recently read that a writer who doesn’t read can never be an author,” shared Books to Benefit Board President Jackie Langhoff. “Good writers read. They study the language of the genre they are trying to master. Many of our patrons are aspiring authors so we asked area authors to participate in a Books to Benefit Writer’s Event to share their insights as another way to support literacy in our community.”

On Veteran’s Day, Books to Benefit will host a panel of area authors representing different genres, including: Army Veteran and horror/suspense writer Pete Altieri, inspirational author Dewhitt Bingham, romance novelist M. Piper, published illustrator Amy Orwig and suspense/horror novelist and blogger Sue Rovens. All of the panelists are avid readers and understand the importance of literacy in their own lives. The public is invited to bring their questions, purchase books and collect autographs.

During the event Books to Benefit offers patrons one final chance to stock up on winter reading at the $5 Used Book Lovers Bag Sale. Patrons purchase a paper bag from Books to Benefit, which they may fill with used books. Additional bags are available at $5 each. Author books, Special Collections and bundled books are excluded from the sale. Major credit cards are accepted. A convenience fee applies. Proceeds from the bag sale benefit STAR Adult Literacy and YouthBuild McLean County’s literacy programs. For more information visit, or phone (309) 531-8320.


Books to Benefit is a local 501(C)3 nonprofit organization passionately working to support literacy. The proceeds of its semiannual book sales benefit STAR Adult Literacy and YouthBuild McLean County’s literacy programs, provide financial support for the Books to Benefit Community Service Scholarship Award at Heartland Community College, encourage volunteerism through community service, and assure that works of scholarly importance and/or unusual publication history or content find appropriate homes offering ready access to these works.


November 6, 2017

The Bloomington Public Library’s FIRST author event was fantastic. I want to thank them for hosting it and making all of us authors feel welcome. Carol Torrens, the Adult Services Manager, was a great, conscientious organizer throughout the day. I shared my table with Dewhitt L. Bingham, and we had quite a number of folks visit us during the two hours we were there.

The tables were spread throughout both floors of the building, so I really only was able to see folks on Floor 2, where I was “stationed”. From chatting with other authors, my takeaway was that everyone was pleased with the turnout and the event. I hope they continue to do this (and hope that I’ll be invited back!) 🙂

I want to give a few special shout-outs to new author friends! Pete Altieri (pictured below at the far left), Sylvia Shults (in the bottom photo), and Andy Zach (pictured below at the far right).




20171105_153921 (1)


Keep an eyeball out for the latest information on the Books 2 Benefit event, happening Saturday, November 11th from 1pm to 3pm!


November 4, 2017


The Bloomington Public Library (Linky Here) is happening. A few posts down has all the authors that will be there, along with their genre of choice. Festivities start at 2pm and run until 3:30pm. If I remember correctly, I’ll be somewhere around the “adult section” — and I’m assuming that doesn’t mean what it does at the video store 😉

I’ll have all three books available for purchase — Track 9 (the newest novel), Badfish (my first novel), and In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 1 (15 short horror/suspense stories). All will be for sale for $10 (two dollars off the usual price). I’ll have some swag to pass out and I’ll gladly sign anything you wish!

Keep in mind that the holidays are coming up! Even if YOU don’t care for the suspense or horror genre, some of your friends, family, or co-workers might. These make great gifts! And, best of all, you’ll be supporting a LOCAL author.

Hope to see you there! 🙂



October 27, 2017

The next event is already on the horizon! As stated in the previous entry, the Bloomington Public Library Author Event is coming up shortly. That will be on Sunday, November 5th from 2pm – 3:30pm.

The NEXT one, only days away from BPL’s event is on Saturday, November 11th from 1pm – 3pm. The link is HERE! For those not wishing to “link follow”, here’s all the information:

Working on your first novel? Books to Benefit will host a special Writers Event on November 11, from 1-3 p.m. at 360 Wylie Drive, Suite 700 in Normal. Local published authors will answer questions and share their experiences in getting published. Free to the public.

During the event purchase books at the Book Lovers $5 Bag Sale. We supply the bag; you fill the bag with books. The bag sale does not include items in Special Collections.


Here is a photo from the previous Books 2 Benefit Author Event (early 2017)




October 13, 2017

Okay, here it is – the complete info on the Bloomington Public Library Author Fair. I’ve highlighted my spot :), but take a look at ALL the different genres and ages represented:

Sunday, November 5
Local Authors Fair

• 2-3:30pm; All Over the Library
Celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Meet, talk with, and learn from local authors from Central and Northern Illinois. A variety of genres and reading ages are included in this drop-in book fair. Authors will sign their books and will have copies for sale. We’ll gather from 2-3:30pm in the Bloomington Public Library Community Room.

Featured Authors

Pamela Purnell
Normal, IL
Writing areas: Poetry, Self-Help, Self-Awareness, Children’s
Titles: Soul’s Worth, Memories of, Nana and Grand Bears Visit Egypt, plus others

Skye Malone
Champaign, IL
Writing areas: Paranormal Romance, Adult and Teen Urban Fantasy
Titles: Touch Me, Awaken, Kindling, plus others

Carrie Lowrance
East Peoria, IL
Writing areas: Poetry, Children’s
Titles: Lithium Dreams and Melancholy Sunrise, The Safety of Objects, Don’t Eat Your Boogers, plus others

Katherine Rose Kreher
Normal, IL
Writing area: Mental Health
Title: A House Divided: A Story of Survival

Indigo Skye
Washington, IL
Writing area: Children’s
Title: Where were We before We were Born

G. P. Ching
Bloomington, IL
Writing areas: Teen, Paranormal Romance
Title: Wager’s Price

Linda Lowery
Peoria, IL
Writing areas: Mystery, Humor, Family Stories
Titles: Murder in the Library, Stories in Sepia, Roasting Marshmallows on the Manifold

Randy Sharer
Normal, IL
Writing areas: Biography, Sports History
Title: Virgin Territory: The Story of Craig Virgin, America’s Renaissance Runner

Sue Rovens
Normal, IL
Writing areas: Suspense, Horror
Titles: Badfish; Track 9; In a Corner, Darkly

Laurie Larsen
Normal, IL
Writing area: Christian Fiction
Titles: Roadtrip to Redemption, Preacher Man, Sanctuary, plus others

Sylvia Shults
Pekin, IL
Writing areas: History, Paranormal
Titles: 44 Years in Darkness, Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the Peoria State Hospital, Ghosts of the Illinois River

Kevin Wright
Morton, IL
Writing areas: Horror, Urban Fantasy, Mystery
Titles: The Knight of Cups, The Queen of Pentacles, The King of Swords

Dewhitt Bingham
Bloomington, IL
Writing areas: Contemporary Nonfiction
Title: Hope Deferred makes the Heart Sick

Elissa Daye
Normal, IL
Writing areas: Romance, Urban Fantasy
Titles: Taking Chances, Shadow Walker, Banished, plus others

T. M. Cromer
Eureka, IL
Writing areas: Romantic Suspense
Titles: Burning Resolution, The Trouble with Lust, A Love to Call Mine, plus others

Joe Chianakas
Peoria, IL
Writing Areas: Teen Adventure/Mystery/Thriller
Titles: Rabbit in Red, Burn the Rabbit, Bury the Rabbit

Pete Altieri
Heyworth, IL
Writing Areas: Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Titles: Creation of Chaos, The Dreadful Lives of Enoch Strange, Six

Andy Zach
Peoria, IL
Writing Areas: Urban Fantasy, Humor
Titles: Zombie Turkeys, My Undead Mother-in-Law

Aubrey Wynne
Watseka, IL
Writing areas: Romance
Titles: Saving Grace, Rolf’s Quest, Pete’s Mighty Purty Privies, and others


Because there was no “official book release” for Track 9 this year, you might not have had a chance to pick up your copy. This is a great opportunity for you to do so!

I usually put ALL my books at a sale price for events such as this one ($10 instead of the usual $12). So come on by! Lots to see!





October 9, 2017

Bloomington Public Library (in Bloomington, Illinois), will be hosting a Local Author book signing and meet throughout the building in celebration of the beginning of NaNoWriMo (NaNoWriMo Link).

The event is free and open to the public! This is the information currently available on the library’s website:

Local Authors Fair

Celebrate NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Meet, talk with, and learn from local authors. A variety of genres and reading ages are included in this drop-in book fair. Authors will sign their books and will have copies for sale. We’ll gather from 2-3:30pm throughout the library.

Sunday, November 5, 2017
2:00pm – 3:30pm
Community Room

I will post more information about this event as I receive it.


Sunday, November 11, Books2Benefit will be holding their 2nd Annual Writers Event!

Books2Benefit Linky

Check the link out! Books2Benefit works for kids, readers, writers, the local community…it’s a win, win, win. If you can make the Writers Event, do so! 🙂

Their mission statement:

Books to Benefit is a local 501(C)3 nonprofit organization passionately working to support literacy. The proceeds of its annual book sales benefit local literacy programs, including STAR Adult Literacy and YouthBuild McLean County’s literacy programs, provide financial support for the Books to Benefit Community Service Scholarship award at Heartland Community College, encourage volunteerism through community service, and assure that works of scholarly importance and/or unusual publication history or content find appropriate homes offering ready access to these works.


September 29, 2017


Here it is! My table at the Princeton Public Library Author Event last Saturday! Great fun – met lots of other authors and had a really nice time. Special shout outs to Victoria Noe, Danielle E. Shipley, and Joyce Zeiss, three Meet & Greet Authors!


My next event is going to be at the Bloomington Public Library on Sunday, November 5th. More details to come – so, keep the proverbial eyeball peeled to the blog!



September 14, 2017

Princeton Author Fair Link!

The link above shows a fantastic breakdown of everyone in attendance. Photos and links to each author are provided.


Author Fair September 23

For our third annual Author Fair, we have over twenty authors and three author services companies participating. To visit their websites, CLICK HERE and click either their photos or book cover.

The list of attending are:

Borys, Deb
Clark, Kay A.
Clark, Rey
Esther, Olivia (Kerber)
Gatch, Joseph
Hennings, Vincen
Lowery, Linda
Mays, Kay
McNeill, Amanda
Noe, Victoria
Powelson, Jannifer
Rovens, Sue
Sigafus, Kim
Smith, Jean-Michel
Stewart, Marydale
Swanberg, Roy
Todd, Christine

Campbell, Earlene
Kassebaum, Bartlet Lee
Kearney, Laura S.
Mueller, Jessica
Shipley, Danielle E.
Suppan, Heinz-Dietrich
Toohey, Jodie
Zeiss, Joyce Burns



September 7, 2017

The Princeton Public Library Author Fair

Saturday, September 23rd      10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.

It’s official! I’ve received the list of authors who will be at the event, selling their wares. I was there last year, and it was a nice time. Lots of friendly folks, authors representing many genres, quiet nooks to sit in with a book. If you get a chance, make this a destination during your weekend.

***Some people on the list should look familiar. They have been featured in my Meet & Greet segment on the blog (their names are highlighted in color).

Debra Borys

Joyce Burns Zeiss

Earlene Campbell

Kay A. Clark

Rey Clark

Olivia Esther

Joseph Gatch

Vincent Hennings

Bartlett Lee Kassabaum

Laura S. Kearney

Linda Lowery

Kay Mays

Amanda McNeill

Jessica Mueller

Victoria Noe (upcoming feature author)

Jannifer Powelson

Sue Rovens

Danielle E. Shipley

Kim Sigafus

Jean-Michel Smith

Marydale Stewart

Heinz-Dietrich Suppan

Roy Swanberg

Christine Todd

Jodie Toohey


August 31, 2017

Local Authors Fair!

November 5 – Bloomington Public Library (Illinois) is hosting an Author Fair in their community room. This will be a first for me (never having been there for ANY event). So any local folks (or those willing to take a drive), stop by and check out all the authors on hand. If I can scare up a list of who will be there, I’ll be sure to post it here – so, keep the proverbial eyeball peeled! 🙂


August 15, 2017

Get ready for Princeton! Saturday, September 23, Princeton Public Library (Illinois) will be hosting an Author/Book Event from 10am to 2pm. (Link Here!)

I will be there with my wares (Track 9, Badfish, and In a Corner, Darkly: Volume 1), along with a number of other authors from around the state (and probably out of state too).

And while you’re here, save the date for Sunday, November 5thBloomington Public Library (Illinois) will be hosting their own Author Meet and Greet. Stay tuned for details on that event 🙂

I hope to see you at one or both!


July 30, 2017

Princeton Public Library – Link Here

Princeton Public Library (Princeton, Illinois) will be holding their annual Author Book Fair on Saturday, September 23. I’ve just sent in my application to join the other numerous writers who will all be available to chat about their own works and will be selling their wares. The event will be held from 10am to 2pm and is free to attend. Come by, say hi, and check out the many great offerings of the day! More info on this as it gets closer.


July 7, 2017

Upcoming Interview! Linky Here!

I’ve been offered the opportunity to be interviewed for In Print Radio. If you are not familiar with In Print (a Rockford, Illinois writing group), this blurb comes directly from their site:

In Print Radio features our members interviewing authors, editors, publishers, and others who have a story to tell writers. We read poems, short stories and excerpts from novels. We host round-table discussions on topics of interest to writers.  This is an Internet radio station, so you don’t have to live in the Rockford area to hear it.

So, later this month (July), I’ll be heading up north to chat with Isabell and Bob about writing, Track 9 (my newest book), Badfish (my first novel) and more! Check back for more information as to when the interview will go live.


July 3, 2017

Wow! What a great time! Duncan Manor’s 1st Blues Bender was fantastic – great weather, comfortable set-up, terrific people, lots of vendors, and of course, incredible music ALL throughout the day.

I was there from about noon to right after 7pm, but things were still swinging long after I left. Dave and Randi Howell, the current owners of Duncan Manor, were on hand to meet and greet everybody, and from what I could see, everyone from little kids on up had a good time.

If you missed me and my wares and are interested in getting a SIGNED copy of Track 9, Badfish, or In a Corner, Darkly, feel free to contact me – either through this website or my email ( If you are a local (Bloomington/Normal/Towanda/Lexington area), we can still make that happen! 🙂






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